Monday, June 15, 2009

Some welcome and unwelcome visitors

First, about the welcome visitors. This little girl beagle was found around the same time that we picked up Buddy on our road, so we think they may have been dumped together (with two other dogs). Anyway, she has kind of adopted us since the brick masons were here. We call her "Annie", but she is really not our dog. She is kind of cute (with the exception of her barking at all hours of the night last night). so for the most part she is a welcome visitor.

Unless you would ask these two - she is definitely NOT welcome to Lilly and Lilly takes every conceivable opportunity to bite her around the back of the neck and then roll her in the dirt.

Notice that Annie is safely hiding underneath the truck - protecting her neck from Lilly. Mercy doesn't exactly like her, but seems to tolerate her being around - as long as Annie doesn't get too close to her.

More welcome visitors - while the big boys were playing softball in Atmore area for the We Care Softball Outreach, the wives and kids got together. Two friends and kids came up for a nice visit - the kids spent most of their time on the trampoline.

Now - let's talk about some unwelcome visitors. After the wives and kids left, S, H and I were watching a movie when the wind picked up and a pretty severe storm rolled in. The camper was rocking just about as much as I have ever felt it, so we decided we might all feel a little more safe if we went to the house. We waited for a little break in the gusts, closed our eyes and ran to the house. I called John in Atmore to find out more information about the storm since we were now out in the house.

One of the doors in the basement had blown open (we don't have doorknobs just yet) and was banging really loudly, so I decided to try to secure it. The poor kids said they were more scared when I left them alone in the dark house to go and fix the door :) They were troopers, though, I must say. I was pretty scared myself, but had to hold it together so as not to worry them too much.

The worst of the storm had passed, but the wind was still blowing pretty hard, so we decided to camp out in the house so that we could sleep better. We were just about asleep when John called to check on us to make sure we were ok. As I was on the phone with him, someone drove up!! It was 10:15 at night, mind you, during a storm. Who in their right mind would be visiting at that hour??? I was SO glad that John was on the phone with me. I determined that it was probably our neighbors coming up to check on us and decided to go outside and tell them we were ok. To my surprise, it wasn't our neighbors, but two inebriated men in a 4x4 truck demanding to know where John was. One of them has been up one time before - late at night, also. I told them that I was talking to John and that he was on his way home (I didn't say when he was coming home), but had called to check on us because of the storm. Thankfully, they left fairly quickly. There are a number of things that make their late night visit very suspicious, so I was pretty shaken up after they left. John kept me calm and we decided it would be better to go back into the camper where there is a lock on the door.

Needless to say, John will be having a talk with this man and explain that his choice of visiting hours is WAY out of line and will not be tolerated!

Needless to say, I was thrilled when John got home earlier than expected on Saturday :)

Another very welcome visitor is back - summer sunsets! Last night, we enjoyed sitting on our patio and playing a game of Rummikub while the sun was setting. Glorious!

Colossians 3:12-14
Therefore, as God's chosen people, holy and dearly loved, clothe yourselves with compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness and patience. 13Bear with each other and forgive whatever grievances you may have against one another. Forgive as the Lord forgave you. 14And over all these virtues put on love, which binds them all together in perfect unity.


  1. Oh my. So thankfu those "visitors" came while you were on the phone with John.
    Glad the storm did no damage.

  2. Unwelcome indeed. When my hubs is out of town that is usually when something like that happens. Then I am awake all night. lol Glad every thing turned out ok.

  3. That is very scary! I'm so glad that you were on the phone with John, but I don't doubt that you could hold you're own. :)

    Beautiful Sunset! I hope that's the last of the storms for you guys....well, at least until you get into your locked house. :)

  4. Annie looks so sweet, that's too bad that Lily doesn't accept her better.

    I would have been so scared with those men coming around late like that, especially when you're alone. Thank God that John was on the phone and that they left.

  5. Oh my....that would be so scary Shirley. Wow!! Glad everything went well though. I can't wait to see your finished house. How exciting.

  6. Hello to Shirley,

    I thank you for your sweet message you left me today on my blog :o) I feel the same way about your house...I know that one day soon I will pop in and see it finished...I can't wait!


  7. Hi Shirley,
    WOW!! I would have been scared too!! Today was a sad & happy day.
    First the sad , Miss Hannah Garman was laid to rest. The happy part, she's W/ Chrissy & God. Also Hannah isn't hurting any more. Hannah touched so many lives in her 5years of life. Darin, Brittany, and Jordan are very special to. Hannah could light up the room with her smile. I will miss calling her "Miss Hannah Bananna" when she came into my work w/ Bob or Shirley. She was truly a gift from God. If we could just share joy around the world, like everyone did for Hannah's Christmas wish. So far Darin's family have recieved 170,000 cards. They are still getting some each day.
    I like the name "Annie". She's cute. I hope Lilly stops nipping at her.
    The sunset is BEAUTIFUL!!!
    Please keep all of the Garmans in prayer. And also, Hannah's other family members.
    Thank You.
    Love from PA,
    Judy Good
    Just one more not on Hannah. Her last word she said before she went to the pearly gates were " Momma"


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