Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Just when I thought...

things couldn't get more exciting than the UPS driver coming up to our house ...

I decided to see if I could see what was wrong with the weed-whacker. I was in flip-flops and shorts, but I decided to see if I could get it to run. Surprise, surprise, after a fashion it started to run. Although I wasn't really dressed appropriately for weeding, I decided to just do a little bit of the worst part around the trampoline and finish the rest at another time.

Sorry - that wasn't the exciting part :) No damaged toes or legs from the weeding. I know better, so I won't do it again.

The exciting part is what happened next. The kids were enjoying playing in the kiddie pool and I went and sat in a patio chair near the pool to cool off. While I was sitting there, our faithful dog, Lilly made a funny movement on the patio behind me. It was an unusual noise, so I turned to see what she was doing. There within about 3-4 feet of me was a RATTLESNAKE!!! And very much alive. It rattled its tail once and started to slither away.

I was pretty much frozen - not sure what to do. When I felt there was a safe enough distance between me and the snake, I hopped up and grabbed a shovel that was nearby. I have heard of people killing snakes with shovels, so it seemed like a good idea at the time. But, I just couldn't get myself to do it - there wasn't a real clear shot and I was shaking so bad I thought I might miss!! And then what?

btw - the kids were safely in the pool watching me.

Plan B - I decided to run to the camper and get the shotgun that my Dad gave John (thanks, Dad!). That way, I could keep my distance and still do away with the snake. Good plan, right? Except for the slight problem that I don't know a whole lot about guns ... like how to load one, for example. Minor detail. The gun is in a locked case so I had to find the right key ... unlock 3 locks ... get some shells out of the box ... and figure out how to get them into the gun. All the while, shaking like a crazy woman! The adrenaline was on full-throttle, let me tell you.

I actually did manage to figure out how to get the shell into the gun and ready to fire (well, I think - the pointy thingy was pointing forward and it was down in the barrel of the gun - works for me). I figured out how to release the safety on the trigger and I was ready.

All the time spent fiddling with the gun, I did inside the camper. When I came out, I didn't see him anywhere. He had last been spotted underneath our plyforms (which we are now using, btw), so I decided to climb up on them and try to scare him out. You're just going to have to picture this, because I obviously didn't think of you and have the camera handy :) There I was, shotgun in hand, still in my flip-flops ... jumping up and down on the plyform stack. The kids started laughing at me and said "now that's a picture, Mom".

My mistake was time - I *should* have grabbed all the needed parts for my little operation and took them out and kept an eye on the snake while I was learning how to work the gun.

The lesson of the story? Keep your eye on the enemy.

Colossians 4:2 Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful.


  1. oh my word!! I would have done the same thing!!

    One time on our property I was pretty sure I heard a cougar scream. It was before we moved in and I was the only one there waiting for someone to arrive. I froze in place and tried to figure out what in the world you're supposed to do if you encounter a cougar. thankfully I haven't had to know. But I should probably figure it out.

  2. I KNEW as soon as you said about going out in flip-flops that you were going to tell about a SNAKE! I KNEW it! (Since I'm a Southerner now, too!) I would have froze, too!

    I told my Mom your story and she laughed and laughed and said you should have taken the weed-whacker after it!

    Glad you're alright. Get your husband to give you some lessons with the gun, okay?

  3. Funny story....you painted a good picture. Scary though.....

  4. The most worrisome part of all, the snake is still out there....waiting. Just like our enemy!!!


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