Thursday, June 11, 2009

Progress report

We have had more help from PA! This time, it was John's Dad and wife Beulah. John Sr. was a home builder for 26 years, so he knows a thing or two :) He helped us install windows and doors in the basement. I am thrilled to report that we have ALL the windows and doors in except the front door (which we still need to buy).

Here are some shots from our time with John and Beulah:

I loved watching them working together

Aren't they cute?

John and Beulah enjoying some cool shade in the basement

Puppies! The neighbor's dog had a litter of puppies and Jesse brought them up hoping we might take one or two. We said NO! (aren't you proud of us?) However, now the mother dog has been spending a lot of time up here. She is also a beagle, we think from the same group that Buddy was from - as they arrived about the same time.

Hadden holding one that Jesse is keeping. They are really cute.

Savannah is holding one that is looking for a home. Want one? :)

Last Saturday, we also finished framing the bedroom level. John is working on adding nailers for the drywall.

I am working on putting mud around the windows and doors in the basement to keep the bugs out. I also am going to be working on caulking around all of the upper windows. It's trickier than it looks.

We also put our patio set and kiddie pool on the patio!!! That just thrills me - it is out of the grass and dirt, and just so nice to feel a little bit civilized again. One step at a time, and I like to celebrate and praise the Lord for every step.

OK - gotta get back at it!


  1. So nice you have more help. Yes, John and his Dad are cute. I don't know if you'll be able to resist those puppies. You might as well just adopt them all right now and get it over with....LOL....

  2. Thanks for keeping us posted on the progress of the house, and your life! I love how you praise God for each step!! I have learned that a lot over the last 7 years of starting the farming business....God is control and all is God's ((even the cattle on a 1000 hills...Psalms???)) :)

  3. Hi Shirley,
    I'm glad to see more progress on the home front.I also think you should adopt a puppy. I would if I could. They're too cute!!
    I'm glad to see more help on the house. Before to long we'll start to call it home. That'll be the greatest!!
    Brandy graduated from Albright college 3 weeks ago. And last Sat. Chris & Brandy got married!! My little girl!! The wedding went great. They'll come back tomorrow.
    Aaron graduated from Vo-Tech 2 weeks ago. Last night he graduated from Warwick High School!! Wow, where did the time go?
    Ron & I are becoming empty nesters!!
    We're very proud of them for what they acomplished. They're great kids,including Chris our son-in-law. They'll always be just kids to me. But, grown up.
    Rons' work is picking up. Which is good.
    Oh yeah, Aaron got a job!!! It's at a garage.That's what he went to Vo-Tech for.
    We have so much to be greatful for. And I thank God that things are going good in our family .And for the blessings of good friends like you're family.
    Sorry this is a long blog. But, I just wanted to share the many blessings in our family.
    So, until next time.
    We love ya'll! Take Care & God Bless,
    Judy- from PA


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