Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Proud versus broken - part 3 of 3

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Proud peopleBroken people
21. Have a hard time saying, "I was wrong; will you please forgive me?"21. Are quick to admit failure and to seek forgiveness necessary
22. Tend to deal in generalities when confessing sin22. Under the conviction of God's Spirit, are able to acknowledge specifics when confessing their sin
23. Are concerned about the consequences of their sin23. Are grieved over the cause, the root of their sin
24. Are remorseful over their sin, sorry that they got found out or caught24. Are truly, genuinely repentant over their sin; which is evidenced in the fact that they forsake that sin
25. Wait for the other to come and ask forgiveness when there is a misunderstanding or conflict in relationships25. Take the initiative to be reconciled when there is a misunderstanding or a conflict in relationships; they race to the cross; they see if they can get there first, no matter how wrong the other may have been
26. Compare themselves with others and feel worthy of honor26. Compare themselves to the holiness of God and feel desperate need for His mercy
27. Are blind to their true heart condition27. Walk in the light
28. Don't think they have anything to repent of28. Realize they have need of a continual heart attitude of repentance
29. Don't think they need revival, but are sure that everyone else does29. Continually sense their need for a fresh encounter with God and for a fresh filling of His Holy Spirit


  1. Thanks....this was a great series!!!

  2. Hey, I would perhaps like to use this or at least copy it and put it away for future use - who do I give credit to for this table?



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