Thursday, June 4, 2009

Proud versus broken - part 2 of 3

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Proud peopleBroken people
11. Have a subconscious feeling, "This ministry is privileged to have me and my gifts"; think of what they can do for God.11. Have a heart attitude that says, "I don't deserve to have any part in this ministry"; know that they have nothing to offer God except the life of Jesus flowing through their broken lives.
12. Feel confident in how much they know12. Are humbled by how very much they have to learn
13. Are self-conscious13. Aren't concerned with self at all
14. Keep others at arms' length14. Are willing to risk getting close to others and to take risks of loving intimately
15. Are quick to blame others15. Accept personal responsibility and can see where they are wrong in a situation
16. Are unapproachable16. Are easy to be entreated
17. Are defensive when criticized17. Receive criticism with a humble, open spirit
18. Are concerned with being respectable, with what others think; work to protect their own image and reputation18. Are concerned with being real; what they care about and what matters to them is not what others think, but what God knows; are willing to die to their own reputation
19. Find it difficult to share their spiritual needs with others19. Are willing to be open and transparent with others as God directs
20. Want to be sure that no one finds out when they have sinned; instinct is to cover up20. Once broken, don't care who knows or who finds out; are willing to be exposed because they have nothing to lose

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