Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just when I was starting to feel civilized …

Living in a camping trailer for over two years seriously challenged my sense of “civility” – I remember going to people’s homes and noticing a difference in my camper lifestyle and the rest of y’all :)

So, now that we are living in the house, I am starting to feel “normal” again. I am not wearing work clothes My to-do list is becoming a little more routine (laundry, homeschool, etc). I was feeling civilized until … John killed a rattlesnake in our back”yard” and then decided to eat it. So much for civilization :) Call me crazy, but I simply don’t recall ever seeing “kill rattlesnake” or “eat rattlesnake” on our to-do list before!


P4160004 P4160005

After looking online for a recipe, John breaded the snake and then pan-fried it in olive oil over the grill. (I was very glad that he agreed to cook it outside).


Ready for the first bite …

P4160007 P4160008

Here we go … hmmm, not bad. Want to try it?

P4160009 P4160010

Sure! Hadden liked it and asked for more! (Savannah decided to pass)

I even tried a tiny piece and it actually wasn’t bad. Tastes like chicken …

John’s conclusion: a lot of work for a little amount of meat. “I could eat it once a year”

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some recent family pictures

Last Sunday was another beautiful day and so we went for a drive on the wildlife management area. John wanted to shoot some video for his work in the prison. I brought my camera along and had a little fun, too.

Img_4223 Img_4224

Oblivious to the camera …

Img_4225 Img_4226 

They notice the camera. Savannah – all girl with a nice smile … Hadden – all boy - ‘nuf said.

Img_4227 Img_4229

John shooting his video – nicely displaying his wedding ring :) Hadden – with a better smile.

Img_4236 Img_4238 Img_4239

The kids and me in an old rock structure. And …. Savannah’s new hair cut!!!

I have been “encouraging” her for a while to get her hair cut. Yesterday, she finally agreed – she would get her hair cut and donate it to help make a wig for someone needing hair. It looks SO much better! After her initial shock of losing half of her hair, she seems to like it. Everyone else in our family likes it, too. :)

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Funny and not-so-funny

Today, we decided to take a drive on the wildlife management area after church. It was a beautiful day and John wanted to shoot some video footage. So, we are out in the middle.of.nowhere and he uses his blinker to indicate that we are making a turn! I couldn’t help but laugh! We were out there for literally hours and only saw 2 other people – and the 2nd one was just as we were pulling out (so he doesn’t really count :).

And for the not-so-funny – when we got home, we were walking around outside trying to decide where to put fencing when Mercy skitzed at something. When John investigated, he found a snake coiled under some logs in our brush pile. He ran for the shovel while I kept an eye on the snake (from a nice distance). A few good stabs later and no more snake! Way to go, honey! (note: scroll down for pictures for those who want to see them)

It was about a 3’ rattlesnake and John killed it with his bare hands … and a shovel.


For those that don’t want to see them – here is a beautiful sunrise from yesterday morning.


















John chopped off and buried the head. Sorry if this is gross, but I was amazed that the head could still strike and that the body continued to try to coil even though the snake was not even in one piece. The snake was about 3’ long (when you account for the head part) and had 5-6 buttons.


And, yes, I am touching it. The head is not attached at this point, so I was safe. It had a lot more texture to the scales than I was expecting. I have touched just a couple of pet snakes in the past and they have been almost silky smooth. This one was not that smooth.

You just never know what is next living out here! In the past two weeks, I have seen a rabbit outsmart both of our dogs, a raccoon escape from our dogs by running up a tree within just a few feet of me and now this. It’s always an adventure!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Taking a hike

P4090021  P4090022

P4090009P4090012 P4090016

P4090013     P4090017

P4090023This last one needs some explanation, I think. This is pollen on the edge of a mud puddle. It is amazing the amount of pollen that we have!  Yuck!

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random update

We went from winter to summer seemingly overnight. We are enjoying the warmer weather, but are having to adjust to it. We have not yet turned on the a/c – holding off as long as we can :)

Pollen is EVERYWHERE!!!! Yikes – I don’t remember living anywhere where you could actually feel the pollen on things. I just dusted yesterday (because we had a houseguest overnight) and today, everything is covered with gritty yellow pollen. Yuck!

Allergies are obviously in full swing – the kids are having more trouble this year than usual. I have been using a neti-pot (not for the faint of heart) on myself and have not had any problems – whew! My sister recommended trying it, so I thought I would give it a chance and it works for me!!!

We have been taking a rest break from all the work on the house, so really not much progress has happened. We have been sorting through boxes and donating quite a bit of stuff to local thrift stores and pitching some stuff, too. We packed up our old house very quickly and the kids have grown quite a bit in the two years stuff has been in storage.

Baseball and soccer are full on. Hadden has an excellent coach and is learning a lot. He wasn’t feeling well for a couple of weeks (maybe allergies), but he seems to be back to his normal self again now. Savannah does not have an excellent coach (it’s me, so I can say that :), but we are still having a lot of fun. Our first game was rained out, so Saturday will be our next attempt at a first game.

John was home on Good Friday and we enjoyed a very long hike together on a gorgeous day. We were gone for about 4 hours and estimate we hiked at least 4 miles (up and down hills). We even explored some new trails.


Here are the kids at chimney rock.



While on the plateau, we encountered some horseback riders. Savannah was blessed to get to sit for a while. We gave her horse riding lessons for her birthday (back in Dec) and we will start the actual lessons next week. To say she is excited is a huge understatement.

P4020020 P4020023

Sunday, we were invited to join a wonderful group of people for some fellowship and an egg hunt. We weren’t sure it was going to work out with our church schedule, but we made it and had a blast. Thanks, Doug and Becky and all the others that were there!

P4040042 P4040044


Enjoying the sunsets again now that it is spring and we can see them. We were also able to have lunch on the deck yesterday and that was a nice treat also.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter celebrating the Lord Jesus Christ and what He has done for us!