Thursday, April 15, 2010

Some recent family pictures

Last Sunday was another beautiful day and so we went for a drive on the wildlife management area. John wanted to shoot some video for his work in the prison. I brought my camera along and had a little fun, too.

Img_4223 Img_4224

Oblivious to the camera …

Img_4225 Img_4226 

They notice the camera. Savannah – all girl with a nice smile … Hadden – all boy - ‘nuf said.

Img_4227 Img_4229

John shooting his video – nicely displaying his wedding ring :) Hadden – with a better smile.

Img_4236 Img_4238 Img_4239

The kids and me in an old rock structure. And …. Savannah’s new hair cut!!!

I have been “encouraging” her for a while to get her hair cut. Yesterday, she finally agreed – she would get her hair cut and donate it to help make a wig for someone needing hair. It looks SO much better! After her initial shock of losing half of her hair, she seems to like it. Everyone else in our family likes it, too. :)


  1. Tell Savannah her hair looks so pretty. It's fun to change it up...I'm sure she'll get used to that. hee hee...

  2. Great pictures, Shirley! Elise is growing her hair out to give away for a wig. She had 1 to 2 inches to grow yet (depending on which organization she chooses). Savannah is really growing the new hair cut! Hadden dimples are adorable, as well as the all boy shot!


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