Sunday, April 11, 2010

Funny and not-so-funny

Today, we decided to take a drive on the wildlife management area after church. It was a beautiful day and John wanted to shoot some video footage. So, we are out in the middle.of.nowhere and he uses his blinker to indicate that we are making a turn! I couldn’t help but laugh! We were out there for literally hours and only saw 2 other people – and the 2nd one was just as we were pulling out (so he doesn’t really count :).

And for the not-so-funny – when we got home, we were walking around outside trying to decide where to put fencing when Mercy skitzed at something. When John investigated, he found a snake coiled under some logs in our brush pile. He ran for the shovel while I kept an eye on the snake (from a nice distance). A few good stabs later and no more snake! Way to go, honey! (note: scroll down for pictures for those who want to see them)

It was about a 3’ rattlesnake and John killed it with his bare hands … and a shovel.


For those that don’t want to see them – here is a beautiful sunrise from yesterday morning.


















John chopped off and buried the head. Sorry if this is gross, but I was amazed that the head could still strike and that the body continued to try to coil even though the snake was not even in one piece. The snake was about 3’ long (when you account for the head part) and had 5-6 buttons.


And, yes, I am touching it. The head is not attached at this point, so I was safe. It had a lot more texture to the scales than I was expecting. I have touched just a couple of pet snakes in the past and they have been almost silky smooth. This one was not that smooth.

You just never know what is next living out here! In the past two weeks, I have seen a rabbit outsmart both of our dogs, a raccoon escape from our dogs by running up a tree within just a few feet of me and now this. It’s always an adventure!


  1. The funny part for me is that I couldn't sleep, so I thought I'd get up and get on the computer...the not so funny thing is that I will probably have nightmares now of the snake. guys are brave. I'd like to see you touching a spider, Shirley. ha ha...

  2. Wow, you ARE brave! No snakes for me, thanks ;)

  3. My son handles all of the snakes & pythons at work (Chattanooga Zoo). When he feeds them he'll put the mice & rats in his pockets and down his shirt for a feeding game and they'll go into those places for their food. Gross!!!! He enjoys it, tho.

    Cool pics!


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