Monday, October 8, 2012

A birthday boy and some projects


So, Hadden turned the big 10 last month and I totally missed telling you that it was his birthday. Maybe it was denial because my baby is in double digits! I made a red velvet cake and please understand that I am not bragging when I tell you that it was DELICIOUS!! I followed the recipe exactly to the t and it came out really good. Here is the link for the recipe: red velvet cake. We gave him legos, as if there was ever any surprise there! We also gave him a 10-gallon fish tank and we are all enjoying the fish.


Project update: We tried to sell this dresser on craigs.list and had no takers, so I decided to paint it and make it useful in my office. My office desk is always cluttered, so I am hoping this solution will help. Here is the before picture.


And the after. This morning, Hadden said he liked it “before” better. Oh well – can’t please everyone! I have been seeing all kinds of furniture painting links on pinterest, so I decided to go for quirky and paint it a little wild. We also replaced the pulls to update it a little bit. This time, I used spray paint and I am not sure I am a fan. It is difficult for me to get a nice, even coat. Overall, I am pleased with the transformation and Savannah actually likes the colors and wants it for her bedroom :)


The funny thing is that 10 years ago, I would never have considered painting furniture and I was frustrated when I discovered painted furniture. Now, I’m painting everything! My next project is the dressers from our old bedroom set. They didn’t sell on craigs.list either, so why not make them functional? I’m planning on painting them black and rolling the paint on with a foam roller instead of spraying. I am set to start the first one, but I first have to fill in an intentional 1/8” gap on the top surface. I don’t think it will paint well, but I haven’t decided whether to use wood filler, caulk, or something else. Any ideas?


I am planning on training to run in a couple of 5K’s although I haven’t committed to running them yet. I have started running a little and it would be good to have a goal. The first one is at the end of October and the other is in mid-November.


OSU – in case you didn’t know, I went to Oregon State University and I just have to shout out to the football team! Right now, they are undefeated and ranked #10 in the polls. Unheard of, but completely cool at the same time. When I went there, OSU was excited to win one game a year. Go Beavs!!! I finally am ok with admitting that I am a fan of OSU. Living in a state where people live and breathe college football, that is an accomplishment!