Thursday, May 10, 2012

Kiddo update …

Baseball and soccer has been the main thing on the plate for the spring.


Hadden is enjoying baseball – we have a super team of kids and parents which  makes it fun. They are currently 7-5 with one regular season game left and then the tournament. Hadden has had the opportunity to be the starting pitcher for most of the season and has enjoyed that very much. John has been helping out pitching to the boys in the batting cages and also warms up the pitchers during the game and helps out in the dugout.


Savannah is enjoying playing soccer. She was able to play in a tournament with a group of girls trying for the more competitive level of soccer. Her team got beat pretty soundly all of the games, but they had only had 2 practices as that group prior to the tournament. By the looks on their faces, they weren’t too bothered by the scores of the games :) This is a neat group of girls and parents, too.


The newest addition to our household are two new kids – this time, of the goat variety! They are pygmy goats and are very cute and entertaining. They eat a LOT and we have been building small fences to keep them supplied with food. John also built them a small goat shed which they use to get out of the weather. The boy is Bill and the girl is Matilda.


Hadden with both of them in the wheelbarrow. Hadden and Bill sitting on the roof of the goat shed.


Savannah holding Matilda – she is very sweet. Bill is … well, a boy goat. He is not quite as sweet :)


Matilda by the fence. Bill really enjoys the wheelbarrow – crazy goat!