Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Random update

We went from winter to summer seemingly overnight. We are enjoying the warmer weather, but are having to adjust to it. We have not yet turned on the a/c – holding off as long as we can :)

Pollen is EVERYWHERE!!!! Yikes – I don’t remember living anywhere where you could actually feel the pollen on things. I just dusted yesterday (because we had a houseguest overnight) and today, everything is covered with gritty yellow pollen. Yuck!

Allergies are obviously in full swing – the kids are having more trouble this year than usual. I have been using a neti-pot (not for the faint of heart) on myself and have not had any problems – whew! My sister recommended trying it, so I thought I would give it a chance and it works for me!!!

We have been taking a rest break from all the work on the house, so really not much progress has happened. We have been sorting through boxes and donating quite a bit of stuff to local thrift stores and pitching some stuff, too. We packed up our old house very quickly and the kids have grown quite a bit in the two years stuff has been in storage.

Baseball and soccer are full on. Hadden has an excellent coach and is learning a lot. He wasn’t feeling well for a couple of weeks (maybe allergies), but he seems to be back to his normal self again now. Savannah does not have an excellent coach (it’s me, so I can say that :), but we are still having a lot of fun. Our first game was rained out, so Saturday will be our next attempt at a first game.

John was home on Good Friday and we enjoyed a very long hike together on a gorgeous day. We were gone for about 4 hours and estimate we hiked at least 4 miles (up and down hills). We even explored some new trails.


Here are the kids at chimney rock.



While on the plateau, we encountered some horseback riders. Savannah was blessed to get to sit for a while. We gave her horse riding lessons for her birthday (back in Dec) and we will start the actual lessons next week. To say she is excited is a huge understatement.

P4020020 P4020023

Sunday, we were invited to join a wonderful group of people for some fellowship and an egg hunt. We weren’t sure it was going to work out with our church schedule, but we made it and had a blast. Thanks, Doug and Becky and all the others that were there!

P4040042 P4040044


Enjoying the sunsets again now that it is spring and we can see them. We were also able to have lunch on the deck yesterday and that was a nice treat also.

Hope you had a wonderful Easter celebrating the Lord Jesus Christ and what He has done for us!


  1. Oh wow...first off, that last picture was amazing!!!

    Love the pictures of you guys. That sounds really gross - all that pollen. Worse than here, huh?

  2. Do you hike around your home? What beautiful pics.


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