Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Rested, and ready to get back it

We are back home after our break from camper life for about 2.5 weeks. Whew! What a blast we had. Recap - wedding weekend in PA, one night at home, We Care retreat for 3 days, one night at home, trip to Oregon to visit family and friends for the rest of May. Here are pictures from our trip to Oregon.

My parents with Savannah and Hadden

Sisters (L-R): Teresa, Linda, Debbie and me

Linda is running a petting zoo :) (just kidding). Savannah is ready to give up her bunk here in the camper and trade in for a room at Aunt Linda's. Horseback riding was the highlight of her trip. She has requested a horse for her birthday.

John took his turn at horseback riding

Another part of the petting zoo are the magpies - they have 3 currently that they are feeding. This one was squawking at me, so I was squawking back :)

Next up - can you say "chinchilla"? These little critters are so stinkin' cute - check out the baby one below that Savannah is holding. Can you say "I want to take one home"? :)

Our kids had so much fun with their cousins - they have cried every night until tonight that they didn't want to come home. Here, Savannah is with Luke and the chinchilla. Thanks to Aunt Linda (who may just be vying for "greatest Aunt"), they had a cousins slumber party.

Savannah and Hope are the only girls among the cousins.

Don't look at the next picture - unless of course you are Caleb and Jordan, then you can. Really, I mean it - they would not approve of my including this picture - it was hard enough to be able to "take" the picture, let alone let the whole world see (well, at least those reading this :).

You've been warned ...

You know I had to put it in, right?

My bro-in-law, Carl.

My Dad took John for a trip to see the windmills closer. Since we were last in OR in August of 2007, hundreds of these have cropped up on the landscape.

We also got a quick chance to visit my good friend, Jodi, her husband and adorable kids. Thanks, Jodi, for taking time out of your schedule to hang out with us!

As always, time went way too fast and we had to leave again. Many, many thanks to my family for taking the time to get together - there is just nothing like family. We appreciate so much the care and love from both of our families and always look forward to the next visit. We love y0u all!

We finished our trip in Portland, hanging out with my best friend from college, Heidi, and her husband, Rob.

The guys took the kids to OMSI while the girls walked the quaint part of NW Portland. The weather was just absolutely gorgeous! We have lots of good, clean, goofy fun when we get together.

Catching a reflection in the McD's window.

Self-timed picture - just because that's what we do.

Pose from college days - representing us sharing a brain. It's a tradition. Hadden took this one.

Mr. Sunshine - he always seems to bring sunshine to Portland. When we were dating, it was almost always sunny when he visited.

Awww ... Even just the simplest of things with friends can be the most fun. Love you guys!

I had to show you these. Footstools - made of what appeared to be real zebra hides. I can't remember the exact price (hi-d?), but one was around $1075!!!!! No thanks.

Mt. Hood

The End.


  1. Loved seeing all the pictures. Especially of you 4 sisters!! Yes, family is special and God indeeded it to be!!!

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  3. Oh my word...I was about to say as I reading the first part of your post how much fun your trip looked...and then I see you were right here in my neighborhood- as you might remember, we live right outside of Portland!
    Too bad we didn't meet up...but I know how busy these trips can be!

    I love the pictures of you with your college friend...so cute!


  4. My friend lives in Portland and I'm always hearing about how fun OMSI is!

  5. Hi Shirley,
    Welcome back to the page, I missed them. Well, the BIG DAY is soon here. I can't believe it, It kind of feels like a dream. It's a great dream for Brandy & Chris. I am very happy for them. But, at the same time I'm feel sad. My little girl has grown up. I'm glad that she and I have a good relationship. I also know that both Brandy & Chris know the Lord. I guess I now know how other parents feel when their son or dahghter marry. It's a time to set them free. God gives them to us to raise.And then let them go. I'd like for you to keep my family in your prayers.
    I'm glad that you guys had a great time. Sometimes it takes getting away to lift up your spirit. I'm soooooo glad that Ron & I got to see You & John. That was awesome.I hope that one day we make it to your place. You have a wonderful family. And a beutiful home.
    Each time I see you & John I can see more of God in you.
    With That said, I will say good night.
    Judy Good from PA

  6. Nice recap. I'm glad you had a fun time with your family. It felt like time flew when you guys were here, but it was a blast!

    Yeah...I think you're about right on the price of those footstools....I think they were like $1,000+ each! Yikes!


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