Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wednesday - Happy Anniversary!

Today was another HUGE day. This was also our 9th anniversary - Happy Anniversary, John!

We had another beautiful day of weather - praise the Lord! Again, the guys worked VERY hard. Roof trusses were delivered and the guys then set them using a crane. They poured the concrete floor in the basement. Leon moved a lot of dirt with the skid loader - backfill, landscaping, cleaning up. They framed some of the interior walls. Another very productive day.

Trusses delivered

We had a little mishap with the crane and some soft ground, but Leon was able to use the skid loader to help get them out. Whew!

Crane set up and ready to go!

First truss getting set in place.

Putting the last gable end in place. I have a ton of cool pictures of the whole process, but I will save that for a later day.

Crane and concrete truck here at the same time.

For LA - daily dose of your man ;) ... with a concrete truck - how appropriate, right?

I like this one - view from the bedroom level looking down at the guys pouring concrete. I made them all look up - they resisted, but finally cooperated :) Don't you know, it is easier to just give in the first time?

View from our master bedroom deck

Gary, Travis and Galen working the middle section of the floor.

Matt, John and Gary working the concrete floor.

Thank you all for your prayers, encouragement, comments and support. I haven't taken the chance to say it, but Thanks! They all are greatly appreciated!

Good night.


  1. I am almost speechless. I had no idea that they would get this much work done. It almost reminds me of Extreme Makeover, Home Edition.

    WOW....Great pictures, too!! Very cool!

  2. Wow!!! I am speechless as well. What a hard working group of guys -- they are working so well together. Good job John on organizing all of this --- Can't wait to see the finished product.
    Great photos Shirl--- and I agree if people would just cooperate it is so much easier on both. Love the view from the bedroom window...

  3. It's looking SO great!! I'm sure everyone's help is so encouraging, especially as it looks more and more like a house!

  4. Oh my goodness Shirley....the last time I looked at pics, it was just the foundation walls, and now's a house!! What amazing views. It's so high!!! How many stories?

    You did great capturing everything. I need to do a slide show on our property from start till now. Hubby has been out and about submitting plans to lumber companies, roofers, window guys, etc.. for the next phase, getting ready to start all over.

  5. Ok, I know he left yesterday, so I'm just back stalking this past week's pictures! :)

    I still have to chuckle at the concrete/wheelbarrow picture!!


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