Sunday, March 1, 2009

March comes in like a lion...

We have had quite the day today. This morning, we were blessed with some snow - the first this year. The only real problem is that it was falling horizontally because of the relentless wind. We did manage to get out and enjoy some fun playing in it this afternoon. But, oh, how the lion is roaring now!!! I don't like the wind while living in the camper.

On to better thoughts - here's the house with full-height walls ... and snow. We have been putting a thin layer of concrete at the top of the walls to get it level - John's middle name is precision.

No trampolining today ... and as it turns out, not for a few days. This afternoon while we were enjoying a game of monopoly, the trampoline came flying at the camper! John had secured the legs at the bottom with pins, but the legs actually came apart and the whole thing flung against the camper. It was a bit scary (understatement), but we were very grateful that the Lord protected us and that the trampoline didn't hit any windows! We will need to repair some of the uprights for the safety net as they were bent in the adventure.

The snow was beautiful in the pine trees - especially on the far ridge where the trees are more protected from the wind.

Here's a closer shot of the far ridge.

Just some little trees loaded with snow.

Oh - you would've done that, too :)

Mischief written all over her face!

The aim ...

This afternoon, we took a hike through our woods and came upon the seasonal waterfall. This is the biggest we have seen it with the rain and snow from the past few days.

Oh, and it sounds so nice, too.

These next shots are just for fun. As I have said before, Lilly is our faithful dog who sticks with us on the hikes that we do.

"C'mon, let's go, let's go - haven't we stayed at this waterfall long enough?"

"Like this - c'mon"

"Nevermind - I'll just go myself. Catch ya later"

The little stinker (literally) - she went and found something "delightful" to roll in and came back smelling terrible. She was afraid of the storm (just after the trampoline went flying :), so we had pity on her and put her in the shed (with blanket, food and water). She didn't like that either, and refused to go back in after John let her out for a potty break. The wind has not let up all evening and I didn't like just leaving her outside (I'm a huge softie), so John suggested giving her a bath...which we did.

Whew - what a day! And, I lost at monopoly ... again.

Weather forecast - Today snow/wind high of 34, low of 24 (feels like 13) ... Friday high of 70, low of 53.

We are definitely praying that the weather cooperates for the work crew that is coming. Please join us in that prayer - because as you can see ... this time of year is really hit or miss.

Did I mention that I don't like wind while living in the camper?


  1. We were in a bad windstorm in our camper like that one time. I know what you mean!!! I'd seen on the news about Alabama's snow and was thinking about your guys. So sorry about your trampoline but glad it is fixable and didn't damage the camper. The house is looking good.

  2. Wow....I'm glad you got some snow, but scary thinking about that trampoline flinging into the camper. Thank the Lord, that nobody got hurt.

    Beautiful pictures! I love the waterfalls.

    Tell Mr. Precision hello from his sister, Mrs. Perfection....just kidding....I'm workin' on it.

    What amazing temperature shifts you have down there. I will pray for good weather for the crew. When do they come out again?


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