Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday - Oh, what a beautiful day!

Another great day with a lot of work accomplished.

A couple of questions have been asked, so I will try to answer them.

This great group of men are friends mostly from our home church in PA with a couple of new friends added in :) I'll have to give you all of the details at a later date - right now, I am pooped.

Yes - the house is pretty high up there. Quoting John ... 'it looks a lot higher than on paper'. It appears even higher because of the exposed basement walls (which will get back-filled part way with dirt shortly). The front stairwell tower is also offset, so it goes higher than the house. We wanted to go high in order to take advantage of the view. It is a basic rectangle with a square off the front for the stairs.

There are 3 levels - basement level (does not have garage), main level and bedroom level. The bottom level will be laundry/mud room, utility room, rec room, and guest bedroom. The main level will be mostly open with kitchen and living area. The top level has 3 bedrooms - master bedroom and one for each kiddo. Again, I'll have to do a better job with details later :)

The camper ... one of the shots towards the bottom of this post shows the house with the camper in the background. It is pretty close to the house. In fact, I walked out this morning on my path to the shed and there was a HOUSE in the way! It actually startled me and then I had to laugh at myself.

Feel free to shoot questions out - I'd love to answer them.

Here are some shots from today.

This maneuver was very cool to me. This is a cantilevered deck for one of the kids rooms. - it is about 15-16 feet off the ground. They set the board on their feet, got it lined up and then nailed it - all while sitting on the floor joists suspended out over the ground.

We rented a track skid loader and Leon has been doing a great job clearing and leveling up. We may even get to plant grass soon!

The kids had a BLAST playing in some of the piles of dirt that were mounded up.

The Budster

End of day 2. This is as high as it's going to go (except for the front tower). See the camper to the left of the house?

Back view of the house with cantilevered deck for master bedroom.

The End.

Good night.


  1. I love to see your home coming together :o)


  2. Cool!! I had to chuckle at your surprise to the house being there - I'm sure I'd do the same!

    Thanks for the details. Maybe once there is a roof, you could pull the camper in the basement! ;)

    We are enjoying our daily dose of Daddy!!

  3. Your heart has to be singing every second and minute as you watch this. Loved your "end" shot!!!

  4. It was neat to read more of the details, since I'm pretty new to your blog. I'm looking forward to hearing more about the team and what church they're from - wondering if I know any of them.

    A good friend of mine taught at Lititz Christian School until she retired and then continued teaching ESL classes there. Did you know any of the staff there?

    Your house has the most amazing view!

  5. Thanks for the daily updates. It is really neat to see the house coming together. I was thinking about helping on the roof but now I not too sure. That looks awful high up there! Tell Leon I said "Hi" and that I wish I could get up there but it does not look very likely at this point.

  6. Love that last picture of Hadden!!!


  7. Man alivin'....that looks really high!!! You guys are going to love sitting in your house and having a beautiful view to look out upon. This progress is just astonishing.


    Love you,


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