Saturday, March 14, 2009

The men arrived safely!

Ten guys arrived safely this morning from PA to help frame our house! They drove through the night and arrived around 8:00 am - to rain, mud, and yuck. Since the working conditions were less than desirable, they went to the hotel to get some much deserved rest.

Two more guys are arriving on Monday, for a total of 12! Still just amazes me to think of the love and willingness to give coming our way.

Interestingly enough, the memory verse for the kids tomorrow is Matthew 10:8 "Freely you have received, freely give." Also, this very same verse was in my Beth Moore homework this past week. (btw - it seems that God has to show me something multiple times before I pay close attention to it :)

We are definitely on the receiving end of INCREDIBLE amounts of giving. I am taking it as a challenge to also be aware where we can pass that giving on - to freely give where God prompts us to give.

We can never repay the kindnesses these men have shown us, but we can hopefully pass on those kindnesses to others. I am praying and watching for those opportunities :)

On a side note, I have been trying to learn a few things about our better camera (instead of just our "point and shoot") in order to take better shots. I took a photography class in college and loved it, but have succumbed to the convenience of "auto-mode" shooting.

Now that I told you that, the pressure is on! Don't expect too much from me ... yet :)


  1. I love the way God speaks to us in multiple ways, and from various directions to reinforce that it is He that is truly doing the speaking.

  2. I just love your blog. I have been going through the archive posts, but haven't made it all of the way through.

    Do you tell somewhere what brought about the move to AL? I was so excited to see where you used to live. We lived in Leola and were in Lititz so many times! I even recognized that picturesque walkway you showed! And I always used Wilbur choc. for my candy-making at holidays.

    We attended Calvary Church up there. We moved to GA Jan. 2007.

    Anyway, just had to comment! I bet you are beyond excited to have the team of men there to frame things up. It looks like a beautiful setting for your house.

  3. I agree wholeheartedly - I had a bible teacher who said that if you hear a verse or really anything multiple times in a row - then stop and listen because God is trying to speak. Oh, but I do love it when he does!

  4. Wow, that is so awesome!! there is nothing like good friends!! I know what you mean about the camera. I have a beautiful Nikon D50 and still almost always use the auto-modes. I just don't understand all the jargon that goes with the manual modes )C:


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