Saturday, March 21, 2009

Friday recap (delayed until Saturday)

From here ...

to here in 4.5 days!!! I am still amazed at the wonder of it all.

Look closely - most of them are standing at the top of the tower! (the remaining others had already left to catch up on some z's before heading home)

After the first day

After the second day - the full crew all together

Final day shot from the top of the tower!

Pictures from day 1

Pictures from day 2

Pictures from day 3

Pictures from day 4

Pictures from day 5

Aren't you glad they only allowed me 24 pictures per slide show? :) I have more pictures, you know, many more! My hope is that putting them in a slide show would help those who don't have high-speed internet ... let me know if that was not the case :)

We are truly still processing this last week. Both John and I got the nasty flu bug Thursday night and I am still not 100%. Hadden got it last night and actually took a nap today ... although he told me that he was just going to lay down and he wouldn't close his eyes! :)

One of the guys, Doug, got it during the work week and even came and worked the next day - I have no idea how he managed. Seriously. I did not even get out of bed for most of Friday. We heard that Troy also got it on the way home (so sorry, Troy - must have been a miserable ride for you). We hope that no one else catches it because it is just not fun.

John and I are hoping to do a "who are these guys" and "recap of each day" type posts in the next few days. I need his help with those and he is currently at Home Depot.

My heart is just FULL of PRAISE to our God for sending these men to work on our house. We are so thankful for each one who came, each one who gave, each one who prayed, each one who commented, each one who called (I have not had a chance to return phone calls yet) and every word of encouragement that we so abundantly received. You'll never know how much this meant to us ... and to many others who have heard about it and have been blessed knowing that people do care and that there is love in the body of Christ! May each of you be blessed by Him who is able to do abundantly more than we can ask or imagine!


  1. SO AMAZING, Shirley! I'm so happy for y'all!

    Get some rest!

  2. Cool pictures! I really liked the one of the guys standing up on the top of the house all in a row. You captured some really neat shots!

    It is quite shocking to see the progress that was made in such a short time; but then again, why should I be surprised? God answers prayers!!!

    I hope you all feel better real soon.

  3. What a beautiful picture....The Body of Christ in action!!!!

  4. AMAZING!!! That pretty much sums it up.... simply AMAZING!! Many Blessings to you and John, now you will have much more work ahead... they just got you started. LOL


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