Monday, March 16, 2009

Monday - Much progress even through the rain

Another very productive day - despite the weather. These guys just continue to amaze me - they work in the rain and cold without complaining! We are praising the Lord for His kindness to us through the hands and feet of these dear friends. We are truly blessed.

Three new guys were added today. Travis, Galen (Leon's brother) and Matt ( works for Leon). You may recognize Trav as Momma Roar's husband

John and Travis

Galen - always smiling

Couldn't resist

PLEASE NOTE - The next few shots are from yesterday when the sky was blue!!!

Gary - spends most of the day ON TOP of the wall. Handles 2x12x16 joists single-handedly!! Amazing.

The other consistent wall-walker. Other guys go up there, too, but primarily Troy is up there the whole day, too. Again - amazing!

See? It makes for some cool shots, though.

And now back to today ...

Mucky, sloppy, mud

The look on Leon's face (as well as the mud on Lilly's backside) pretty much says it all ...

Well into the progress today. Walls up, front stairwell first floor finished.

Setting the LVL support beam.

Interior wall framed.

View from back.

More progress.

At the end of day 2 - they're still smiling :)

They ended the day with two stories on the front entryway/stairwell, second floor finished and floor joists almost completed. I just can't say enough about how hard these guys work and what a privilege it is for us to have them here.

We are so thankful for all of your prayers and support. The weather forecast now has sunny and warm for the rest of the week - Praise the Lord!

Thanks for checking in and good night.


  1. I'm glad he's pulling his weight! heehee

    Seriously, it amazes me how much they accomplish in one day.

    He told me of your walk! :D

    I know things are moving the fastest now, and I hope it isn't hard when they leave and things slow down. But hopefully soon, you'll have a new place to move in to!!

  2. These posts just make my heart rejoice, Shirley. What a beautiful spot your home is sitting in. I marvel at the background beauty in these pictures.

    Loved the last picture!!!

    P.S. You're doing a great job getting these pictures.

  3. Holy Cow!!! They are fast!!! I was praying that they would get more done than expected. How much longer will they be there? This is SO exciting to see!!! Thanks for the update!

    Love ya,


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