Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Just for funny ...

John and I taught the 5-year old class children's church last Sunday and the lesson was on Zacchaeus, the tax collector (and yes, the wee little man).

You have to remember that we live in the south now and these kids have the most darling southern accents imaginable. Cuter than cute! Stinkin' cute.

So, John asked the kids if anyone knew what taxes are.

One little girl raised her hand and said "that's a car that takes you places."

John said, "Well, that's taxi's. Can anyone tell me what taxes are?"

The next little boy raised his hand and said "that's the really big place where people wear hats and boots."

While I was having extreme difficulty holding back a chuckle, John said "well, that's Texas. How about taxes?"

Finally, the same little adorable boy raised his hand again and said "that's where the government takes too much of your money."


So, the other funny thing is - we're not sure if they were having a hard time with OUR accents or if they didn't know the meaning of the word :)


  1. Thanks for sharing this adorable story.

  2. LOVE it! Kids that age are the cutest!!!!

  3. How hilarious. Kind of like on Facing the Giants when they keep messing with the coach about certain words in the locker room..

  4. Thanks for the 'chuckle' - kids are so funny aren't they?

    Well, with the accent that John has -- the Pennyslvanian type-- I bet it was difficult to get the word across to those little learners....

  5. Oh, this was SO cute! :D I just love what children say!


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