Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What happened?

Just wondering where all of my free time went to ... when we first arrived in Alabama, life was simple - "no calendar" simple, "no appointments" simple, "no place we needed to be" simple. I am not complaining, but some days feel a little busy. This whole week feels a little busy, actually.

Soccer is starting and somehow I agreed to be Savannah's coach. I am actually looking forward to it, but I have never played soccer, know only a little bit about it (from watching Savannah play in PA), and am probably one of the least qualified people. I am really hoping that when all of the practice schedule shakes out, that John can help me a lot.

I am trying really hard to not get too busy because I know how important it is to just spend family time together. AND, we have that house to build!

We started home schooling yesterday (the local schools start this week, too). I really want to do better this year - have fun with it, be more hands on, be more organized, better prepared. The problem is - once I get it all set in my head how I "expect" things to go, they never turn out that way and I am left wondering what I did wrong. So far, the kids are enjoying it. However, they have already had a trip to the principal's office, for poor recess behavior. Hopefully that will be the last.

We are joining a group of families to learn one class together and that will start next Wednesday. I was able to get the book finally last night on ebay for half of the price listed elsewhere. Praise the Lord. The really cool thing is that I don't have to pay shipping, because the person lives in this same area and I am going to pick it up today! Who wants to say that God doesn't care for the little things in our lives? And, it was fun to actually win an auction on ebay! :)

Here is "snippet" - our little lizard pet. We kept him for a few days, but finally we convinced the kids that we needed to turn him loose and let him enjoy the great outdoors. He was really cute, but it was just one more thing to have to make sure was fed in a day ... just couldn't do it!

Speaking of things that need fed everyday - the hummingbirds are thriving! We have seen 6 at one time flying around (some fighting). This morning, it was so cool - there were 3 on the big feeder. I am just guessing that it was a parent with 2 young because they were very cooperative. I wish I had had my camera ready!

I haven't updated on our garden in a long time - here are some teensy weensy watermelon. Aren't they just so cute?

And, we also have cantaloupe. Not as many growing, but this one is getting pretty big.

Now, the race begins! Off to pick up my book, try to find soccer gear at the thrift store, check some prices at a few places (construction stuff), grab a bite to eat somewhere, drop off the kids at a babysitters and go to Bible study.

Hope you are well!


  1. Hi there, I am tired for you just reading how busy you are! That will be us in a month! My girls catch lots of critters and have for years. Years ago we made a catch and release rule. It goes like this ...you can catch anything you want that moves on this property...ok maybe not a bobcat or a coyote(a bear has been seen once and so has a couger) but pretty much anything else...cage it for the day..enjoy it play with it...learn to be gentle with it. But at the end of the day they get released back to the woods. We mainly catch frogs and snakes...and sometimes salamanders. We have even managed a HUGE bullfrog before. At days end we let it go and this way we end up with not dead critters in jars! The girls are happy to have an occasional "new" pet this way!
    I love seeing your garden items. Wow you can grow cantelope and watermellon...that is something I have never done. I bet they will be so yummy! Enjoy the evening ahead...oh yeah I have gone throught the same homeschooling dilema many times...wanted to plan better and do better and then being dissappointed at how much I can not fit in. It is a hard one for us moms who want so hard to do a good job at it. At least many many things are lessons that we don't plan for but end up being used to teach and we end up doing ok after all.

  2. Yes, life seems to have a way of getting way to busy and involved sometimes. Even for us and it's just the 2 of us and retired!!! I remember thinking, when we were both still working, how much time we'd have in retirement. WRONG!!!

    It is important to try and keep it simple though. I constantly remind myself God says "Be still and know that I am God"!!!

    Yes, I love, love, love to watch God supply our every need:o) and always just on time.


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