Friday, August 15, 2008


Here's some of the latest ...

We had a surprise sunflower - I just love the color ... apparently the bees do, too!

Yesterday, during Math, one of Savannah's assignments in the book was to pretend to design a craft and then "buy" the items needed for it. She is craft-bent, so she LOVED it. After she finished her math, she went straight to work doing the real-life version making a craft. And, talk about motivated! Every time she had a break from school, this is what she looked like :)

The first bounty from our garden - hopefully, it is ripe enough. I did the "thump" test. We are having our neighbors up for supper tonight and I wanted to get it chilled ahead of time. It looks delicious - hopefully it is.

House progress:
We have the form boards, threaded rod, nuts and washers for pouring the walls. We still need the insulation and rebar and then we will be busy.

In need of repair:
This morning, I was washing a load of clothes and when the kids and I went to put the watermelon in the refrigerator, the well head looked like a fountain! You see, we have 2 filter systems on our line and yesterday, I was filling up our little wading pool ... apparently the filters are extra clogged and the water pressure had to go somewhere. Yikes!

Off to school we go ...


  1. What a pretty colored sunflower. Let us know how the melon tasted. I'll bet it was wonderful!!!

  2. The sunflower color is lovely.

    Great idea for math and art! My daughter is also craft-bent, and this would be perfect.

    WOW-- you grow watermelons? Wonderful.

  3. Hi there,
    I am back from our weekend away. I would have never guessed that was a sunflower. The color is so unique and pretty. If you see the time on this post it is true! It is 2:13 AM! I was "dreaming" my finger itched and I was scratching and scratching it in my dream and then woke up to realize it was swollen and itchy...I got one or two mosquito bites on it while asleep. So now I am letting the irritation go down so I can get back to sleep! Good moment to catch up on some blogging!....
    Those watermellons are so beautiful. The color of them is so bright. Did your family ever grow them when you were growing up? I know that lots are grown in that area. How did they end up tasting? So many times the taste of fruits and vegies is so much better when they are ripened on the vine. Did that make a difference?

  4. PS were you able to get the water fixed ok?
    My girls all love any assignment that has a craft wrapped into it! They could glue, color paste ,paint etc and etc everyday if I let them!


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