Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday musings about Saturday...

We have 2 large brush piles that need burned, but are too big to burn all at once, so John has been chipping away at burning them in small chunks. Saturday was a beautiful day, so while I was at soccer practice, John was working :) At one point, Hadden and Savannah were sitting at a safe distance on the sidelines watching the fire. As Hadden is lounging in his chair in the shade, he yells out at his sweat-drenched Daddy who is tending the fire - "Dad, hey Dad, could you turn the fire off? It is making me a little hot over here" It was all we could do to keep from cracking up!

A huge milestone was reached for me on Saturday ... in an effort to cut back some of the "extras", I had decided to grow my hair in order to save on haircut costs. I wasn't ready to give up having it colored, though, so the last time I went to the salon I just had it colored. Somehow, even without the hair cut, my overall bill was hardly touched (not exactly sure what math she was using). Anyway, determined to save somehow, this time I made the plunge and bought a home color kit. My hairdresser from PA had given me advice before I left (bless her!) and so on Saturday, John helped me to do it myself. I have to honestly say that I liked it better than the previous more expensive salon version and wonder why I was so afraid to try this earlier. We saved $65 (plus time, travel and tip)!! I loved my hairdresser in PA and have not found anyone here yet who even comes close, so it was hard to justify spending that kind of money and then not really liking the results.

Sorry - ENOUGH about the hair thing, already!! :) Maybe I'll try to post a new picture sometime.

My busy schedule was drastically changed last week, as Savannah got sick. She had some kind of a fever virus, but is better now. This week, it is Hadden's turn and I have an appt for him tomorrow. Hopefully, he will be on the mend soon, too.



  1. Yay for you and trying the hair coloring at home - has John perhaps come upon a new career? ;)

    Hand, foot and mouth went around the toddler nursery during VBS (happy, happy, joy, joy) and only Colin got that (poor Andrea, all hers got a touch of it) - but I know what you mean about it changing your schedule. I hope and pray your little man is on the mend soon!

    You guys coming back to PA for a visit anytime soon???



    Michele and Dennis had a little girl this past Friday - Chloe!!

  3. Yes, you must post a picture for ue. Good for you doing it yourself. We are enjoying doing some old way things and trying some new way things ourselves. I told my husband the other day "I feel like I'm playing house"! Like I did when a young girl.

    Hope your little ones are getting well quickly.

  4. Good job on the do it your self hair coloring! And good job to hubby for helping you! It really is not that bad to do yourself. Especially when you see the cost difference. I bet your hair will look lovely grown out.


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