Monday, August 25, 2008

What to do on a rainy "Fay" day???

Apparently, Fay has made it up to visit us today. We are trapped inside with the rain pouring outside and occasional gusts of wind. There was a tornado siren earlier today, but the real problem area was a little further northwest of where our camper is - thankfully. Somehow, the sirens still make me very nervous and I try not to let the kids know anything about it (if it isn't necessary).

The pink insulation has so far survived, but our garden did not fare so well. :( The watermelon and cantaloupe should be okay, maybe the beans, but the corn doesn't look very salvageable. The high winds just pretty much leveled it and I don't know if will be able to bounce back from this one or not.

We have enjoyed some green beans and the cantaloupe was delicious! So, even if that is all we get, it will be worth it. On a really small scale, I can now sort of sympathize with farmers who lose their crops to the weather. We are not relying on this garden for our livelihood, but it is still kind of sad to see it ruined.

Funny story about the green beans. The other night, the kids picked the beans and I cooked some of them for supper. Everyone enjoyed them and at the end of the meal, John finished up the remaining few left in the bowl. Hadden hadn't finished his lasagna yet and when he did a few minutes later, he asked for more green beans!! How many kids do you know who ask for more green beans? This Mommy was pleased :)

OK -so what better to do on a rainy day than remember sunsets? :) I have been wanting to do this post for a while and today seems like the perfect day. Each picture below is a different sunset that we have enjoyed on our property. This first one was taken before we cleared any trees ... and it was our first sunset here way back before we were living here. The rest may or may not be in order, but each is uniquely created and handpainted by a God whose creativity is limitless. Enjoy!

The one below was my favorite. It was fascinating to watch the big black cloud in front change shape throughout the sunset. Very cool!

Oh, and this one below, too. The whole sky somehow seemed touched by the sunset in beautiful, soft pastels.

Isn't it amazing that there are no two alike? Glorious!


  1. Sorry to hear about the storm and your garden. I am glad you are all safe. Those pictures of the sunsets are beautiful!!! You do such a great job of taking pictures and the Lord is such an awesome Painter of the Sky. Have a blessed day!


  2. I too am glad you are safe but sorry to hear the corn had to take the brunt!

    Beautiful, absolutely beautiful sunsets!

  3. What a bummer about the storm and your garden. I too try not to make a big deal out of the "major storms" that our news will sometimes broadcast and in the NW that's not much (C: But they sure make it sound horrible.

    I love those sunsets. How beautiful to see those at night from your home. I don't think we'll have that opportunity. We are surrounded by too many trees and are pretty level not looking over any hills. Oh, well.

    I feel for you and the cooking space. Our pastors did that for about 6 months. WE had thought about doing that when we thought it might only take us 6 months to do our first phase...what were we we are 2 years later....I think I might have gone a little crazy!

    Be blessed and enjoy the journey.

  4. I read another post today where a worm had eaten all the green tomatos and even the leaves. Farming is tough. I certainly can't imagine being dependent on it.

    The sunset are all beautiful. I remember the 4 months we spent in Alabama how beautiful the sunsets were. Thanks for sharing them.

  5. I am sorry about the garden but am glad you have been able to glean some of it's harvest!
    These sunsets are so beautiful! Awe inspiring for sure! I will be back a few more times just to look at them again!

  6. I LOVE sunsets! They are such a glorious display of God's glory! Thanks for the pics.


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