Wednesday, August 20, 2008

This and that

The watermelon was not quite ready yet. :( It didn't taste too bad, but it was a really funny whitish, pinkish color. We have a lot more, so after looking on line, I think I have a better idea of when they are ripe than just the "thump" test.

I had a coaches meeting last night where an ex-professional player came and taught the coaches how to coach. We watched another team practice to his coaching and it was cool to watch him get the kids to do all of these neat drills. Let's just say, I have my next practice outline covered. The team we watched was a group of very energetic boys. Needless to say, I again am so thankful for my fun-loving, aiming-to-please, respectful team. We are probably going to get creamed by this team, but at least I won't have a headache after every practice :)

Home school
We are in our third week - and everyone is healthy. We have joined with a few other families to do a co-op class for Astronomy. The kids are really enjoying that and it is a good opportunity for them to be with other kids (and other adults). Both kids became even more shy when moving to Alabama, so this is helping them to learn that it is okay to speak up. Savannah did great today ... now I have to remind her to raise her hand before she speaks :)

House progress
The remaining items that we need to move forward are supposed to be delivered tomorrow!! Yippee! John and Hadden went to HD on Monday while Savannah and I went to soccer practice and got stuff also. So, we should be moving forward again. I really need that. It's kind of like driving the long way around to be moving instead of sitting in traffic. :) Just moving forward is good.

Well "fountain"
A few of you asked if we got the well fixed. Yes, it is fixed again. We are becoming experts at fixing it.

I am thrilled to say that the weather in August has been unexpectedly pleasant. The evenings are nice and cool and the days are only in about the 90's. However, all the locals tell us that this is not typical, so we are taking the opportunity to praise the Lord for being easy on us this first summer. I guess last summer, there were many record-breaking temperature days and about 15 in a row above 100. Glad we came in October.

Bible study
My Beth Moore "Stepping Up" Bible study ended. I, unfortunately, had to miss the last two meetings due to Hadden being sick and the coaches meeting last night, but it was really pretty good. The thing I found most fascinating was her comparison of the Feasts that the Israelites (and modern-day Jewish people) celebrate and her suggestion about how they apply to us. Also, knowing more about the Feasts in reference to Jesus celebrating them while He was on earth brings a whole new light to some of the things He said. I am hoping to do some more study on my own regarding the Feasts.



  1. Enjoyed your updates and catching us up.

  2. Hi,
    Thank you for visiting my site. It has been a two year process for us in this building. We at first were going to live in a 5th wheel, but that didn't work out. We have been living with an older lady from our church which has been a blessing, but I really want my own space.

    We are hoping to get into this phase of our home by the first of October...and it will probably only be to occupancy and we'll finish as we have money. We're doing everything ourselves. If you click on the home building category, you'll see more pictures.

    I love your blog and all your pics. I can't believe all those hummingbirds.

    My girls play soccer too and we've always coached. We decided from the beginning that the goal was to encourage the girls to have fun more than anything and teach them skills as they went. My hubby assists my older daughters team and has learned alot. I've stepped back from coaching now that they're older (12 1/2 and 9 1/2) I just don't know enough. I can run drills and play fun games, but that's about it.

    Be blessed. I'm going to mark you so I can come back and visit and see your project!

  3. Hi there,
    Liked catching up with your updates! I love reading about your house progress! You are so brave to take on "SOCCER MOMMA/COACH" wow that you can even do that! I would not even know where to start ..except maybe that the ball is to be kiccked around on the ground and not picked up with my hands(unless your the goalie?)! I think that is the way soccer is...oh yeah and if you are so inclined you can hit it with your head!
    I am glad you got your well fixed. What is your next house stage?
    Well I am off to do some cake baking...I am doing a wedding cake for a friend's wedding on Saturday...I have done 3 previous ones and usually do them for budget minded friends who do not mind my non professional abilities.
    Blessings to you!

  4. Hi Shirley, you had mentioned on my blog about having to travel to our property...thankfully we are only about 3 minutes (literally)down the hill from our property so it's not too bad!


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