Wednesday, January 7, 2009

The sun came out today!!!

As much as we have needed the rain here in Alabama - enough is enough! (At least for a little bit). It has rained off and on for a good 3-4 days and sometimes at long stretches at a time. Needless to say - we have a LOT of water hanging around.

The kids and I headed out for my haircut today (Yippee!!!), and on the drive we discovered several new lakes that we had never seen before, waterfalls where there are normally not any, normal waterfalls SUPER-sized and just water everywhere.

Here is a sampling of pictures from today:

This little cute one is on the main road into our property - not very big, but very cute :) Also, it has a really nice sound - kind of like those little tabletop versions that you have to pay good money for. God made this one for free.

This is normally a nice meadow for cows ... not today.

View the other direction.

Then, we headed up to Noccalula Falls - we just had to check it out. For a review of some previous pictures of Noccalula Falls, look here.

This is the portion that was mostly just exposed rocks when we first arrived in AL. Back then, the kids stood on the rocks and fed the duckens.

Here's the little walking bridge almost engulfed in water.

This is the most full we have ever seen Noccalula Falls. It has been a fun little adventure to watch the falls recover from just a trickle when we first arrived to this!

Picture of the kiddos

ps - don't make fun of Hadden's highwaters ... he was prepared!!! :) In reality, he protested about having to change his pants, so I just let him wear them ... hmmm, would I be a really bad Mom if I showed them to his perspective wife later (much later)??

One of me that the kids took. Sorry, you can't really see the haircut there - it was windy.

We exchanged taking pictures with someone, so the kids and I got to be in one together.

No swimming now!! Remember this post (scroll near the bottom)!?

We had a good time scouting around for water. We also have counted our blessings that we did not purchase a couple of properties that we had looked at that were in the flood plain. The kids and I drove by one and it was under water - a LOT of water. Very thankful we are on a high spot where the water has someplace else to go :)


  1. Wasn't it nice to see the sun again today? The pictures are stunning. What is with this weather in North AL??!!

  2. WOW WOW WOW!! That is a LOT of water! But I could stand and watch water rushing by like that ALL day! I'm so weird! LOL

    Happy early Birthday!

  3. Wow! We are in similar situations here. Well, very bad actually. Not us directly, but all around there is widespread flooding. Nutso! The town where I grew up is experiencing severe flooding.

  4. Those are some great pictures...Love the waterfalls. We are experiencing a lot of flooding here in the NW....not so much us, but the rivers are is sunny though!!!

  5. The photo of the bridge half covered is amazing. It once again reminds me of how BIG our God is and how this really is HIS world.

  6. Wow what a difference a hard rain can make! How funny to have your first experience of the falls be a trickle and then to compare it to now. We have had LOTS of flooding here in the NW this week. We are also up on a hill but just down the road less then 2 miles you can find homes that filled with water and roads that are closed.
    Your house continues to come along. I will be so interested to see just what your plans for the look of your house will be. I like the idea of putting rock on the walls!


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