Saturday, October 11, 2008

Catchin' up

We had a wonderful visit with some dear friends from PA last week. We are so grateful for dear friends and it is especially nice when you visit! :)

Kids chillin' in the former garden spot. They went from dawn to dusk playing, biking and hiking until they dropped!

The men also had a chance to play - putting the antenna up to the right spot.

Discussing house plans.

We took a break from building for the week and just relaxed and enjoyed our company. We had poured the next height for our end walls last Friday and really needed a break. We did take the time to clean up the forms and get them under the tarp before the rain came.

We took turns going for hikes each day. Wednesday was a rainy day, so the big girls went shopping while the big boys took the kids to the McWane Science Center.

Pictures of some more wildflowers at my favorite spot on the other ridge.

Jennifer at Chimney rock.

Neat view from Chimney Rock.

Our time together ended all too fast and before we knew it, they were packing up to head north again. We took some family shots before they left. (Yes - my hair is extremely blond. Combination of intense sun and "do-it-yourself" hair color :).

All four kids on the front steps getting ready to bike.

Watching a movie together.

Before they officially headed out, we went up to Noccalula Falls on their last morning (it was in the direction they were headed) and spent a few hours there.

Jennifer and the kids at the top of the falls ...

... while the guys were at the bottom of the falls ...

... swimming!! Brrr!

Later, we discovered this sign!!! :)

"No swimming" If you look really closely in this picture between John and the sign, you will see the falls :)

View from the trail on the train side.

After our friends left, we decided to go on the little train ride at Noccalula Falls. John had never been before, and the kids really wanted to go. We got to see Sheila the lioness and several new animals.

There is a Canadian Lynx, named Jynx, and he was hilarious. He did not like John for some reason. Every time John moved or approached the cage, Jynx snarled and growled at him. A couple of times, Jynx even smacked at the cage! We asked the animal keepers if Jynx didn't like males and they told us that he doesn't. He was a very beautiful creature.

Jynx the Lynx.

Fun day, fun week, fun time with friends.

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  1. Sounds like such a great week! Wow! I love the pictures and how hilarious about the swimming sign...oops.

    I love the pictures. I love the one with the boys and girls sharing sleeping bags.

    Hope you're refreshed and ready to go again (C:


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