Saturday, October 18, 2008

Answer to MRCLMN

Wow - I'm impressed -both hi-d and Momma Roar got it right! It is Miracle Man - an amazing story of how God miraculously saved the life of a friend of ours. He truly is a walking miracle and it is a miracle that he can even walk.

btw - Momma Roar - I missed your man today. The kids and I had a birthday party when the guys came up. John forgot to take a picture, so I am hoping to steal one from you (what if I promise not to blog about it?)


  1. He didn't take a camera :( You may blog about it - I may never have any pictures of the whole weekend LOL - let me just say my nerves are a mess and I will feel so much better when he is home

    That John - no pizza for him next week ;)

    We'll have to get a picture of the two of us for sure next week, k?

    And yay, I was right about the plate!!

  2. I must have missed "Mr. Clean" during my time away but I love the banter back and forth between the good friends you and MR are. Makes me smile. Boy would I like to meet both of you!!!

  3. We like to figure out plates too. I haven't visited in a few days though because we were busy.

  4. That is'll have to share the story of the "Miracle Man" with me sometime....this is a fun game, btw....

    Have a blessed day!


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