Thursday, October 16, 2008

License plate game

I got this idea from Simply Stork. She saw a funny license plate and asked others about funny ones that they have seen.

I, too, like to figure out license plates. The most challenging one that I saw (and actually remember :) is:


We were driving behind this individual for a while and thankfully we pulled into the same gas station, so I was able to ask the driver what the plate meant.

Leave me a comment with your guess for today's. I'll try to post the answer tomorrow...

I just had an idea for my 100th post - I am planning on doing a little giveaway for it! Stay tuned.


  1. Oh, this is going to drive me nuts to wait....
    Let's see: P3HPV3P..."Pentium 3, Hewlett Packard Video 3 Player." ha, ha....okay...I know that isn't it, but just thought I'd give a shot at it!

  2. Oh, this is an interesting one....Kenny and Trish got a new Honda and their plates came. It's 247 DUX. They aren't specialized plates, but Kenny loves the Ducks. So, it's like 24/7 DUX.....Isn't that weird??? Well, maybe it was a blessing to them from God, although, I'm a Beaver.... :) Does that mean the Lord likes the Ducks better? lol....

  3. oh you mean I have to wait until tomorrow...arg!

    I still have no idea...



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