Monday, January 26, 2009

You know you're a redneck... leave your faithful dog, Lilly, behind for the weekend because she hates going to the dog kennel and realize that all involved will be a lot happier if you let her stay home. And, you know she will NOT bother any neighbors whatsoever. don't bother washing the vehicles because one trip out the road will defeat all of your hard work.

...when your neighbor drives by, shows your kids the coyote he shot while deer hunting (third one this year) and you are kind of bummed that you didn't see it for yourself. are in denial that you truly are living the life of a redneck :)


  1. You make me smile, Shirley!!!

  2. Hoo wood hav ever thunk you bein' a redneck! LOL...

  3. The first sign of HELP is that you admit your a REDNECK.... poor little Umatilla Girl you.... your past has resurfaced....LOL


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