Monday, January 19, 2009

16 coats...

For our family of four - we have at least 16 coats!!! The weather is crazy here in AL - one day warm, the next frigid.

So, why 16? That's 4 per person!

For each person:
1 cold weather heavy coat for public
1 cold weather heavy coat for working in
1 cool weather coat for public
1 cool weather coat for working in

Yeppers - 16 coats ... in a camper ... with no closet space.

I just had the really funny thought that our "master suite" in the camper is probably similar to the size of our walk-in closet in our last house. Now, that's funny (for me, at least :)!


  1. It's got to be hard to live in those tight quarters, but oh it will be so rewarding when your house is finished!! :)

  2. You definately are appreciating your a situation that requires adjustment, patience, humor, and you grow to accept the little idiocrecies that drive us crazy.... can't wait to see the trailor you've been living in for over a year and also the beautiful house that is being built. Bless you for your patience. Way to go John, kudos for being out in the cold. You are loved dearly by your family.


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