Thursday, January 15, 2009

Positive twist to all of the cold...

Since it appears that almost the entire US is in a cold snap, I thought it would be fun to look at some of the positive sides of the cold :)

1. Soup!
2. Good excuse for coffee anytime - all the time (I know there are some of you that do that already)
3. Hot chocolate with whipped cream
4. I don't have to worry about laundry (my washer is frozen)
5. All the funny jokes about global warming. I really like the one I saw about "Minnesotans for Global Warming" bumper stickers!
6. Relaxing - both kids are reading for school right now. Aaahhh.
7. Computer time
8. Running all of this water has got to help our well :)
9. Kinda glad to be in AL where the temps are at least above 0
10. Crisp walks!
11. All three dogs enjoying being inside. Lilly has the most hair and normally likes just staying outside - even she has decided inside might be better.

What are you doing to combat the cold weather?


  1. I'm hiding under a blanket until spring! ;-)

    Actually, I'll be header further north to ski in this cold - crazy, huh? I'm starting to think so!

  2. It's cold here in Oklahoma today, too. After taking the grandson to school this morning we are staying in and going no where!!! We are spoiled and don't do cold well.

  3. Good way to look at the positive.

    It's beautiful in Oregon today. It feels like a Spring day. Maybe that's why I'm in the cleaning mood....I've got the back sliding glass door nice to get some fresh air coming through the screen.

  4. I wanted to share some news that I know that you can understand my excitement over. We have a group of men coming over this weekend (from church) to help us work on our addition. We have been building this for several years now. It is for my mother in law to live in. She has been ill and is recovering in the rehab part of the nursing home. She is coming home on Tuesday. The men are coming to help get most of her area finished. This way she can live there and not have to use the stairway anymore to get to her current room. Her current room is my husbands and mines bedroom so we will also get to move back into our room! It has been over 3 years since we have been in it. We partitioned off part of our younger 2 girls room to use as our room...just enough room for a bed. Materials are being provided to help us as well as the help.
    Don't mean to make this so long...but am thankful to Jesus for His provision of this....and wanted to share it with someone who knows the journey involved in the building process!

  5. I loved this! :) And too cute about the bumper sticker!

    Sorry I got so behind stopping over...I just read your post below and it was fun to catch up with you and read what your kids were saying during schooling! (That Jetta!)

    Anyway, I'm feeling a bit guilty here in the NW with our springlike weather but I know from experience that winter isn't over for us yet!

    Stay warm...snuggle under a blanket and maybe watch Anne of Green Gables! :)



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