Thursday, January 8, 2009

House pictures ...

I realized that I haven't posted any recent pictures of the house, so here are a couple.

We have been trying to work around the weather, so progress seems slow at times. Yet, when I look back at pictures from this summer, the progress is evident.

I took this from the tv antennae tower this morning. It was pretty clear, so I mainly went up to enjoy the view a little.

We have been taking pictures from this same spot as the house grows. You can see the remaining pour needed on the back wall - it is going to be a very tricky, labor intensive pour unless we can find a concrete pump somewhere.

The walls still need a lot of work to get them cosmetically beautiful ... unless we decide to cover the walls with stone.


  1. Thanks for sharing this great project with us.

  2. Cool......and just imagine what it will look like this summer. Very exciting!

  3. hi Shirley, I left you something at my blog!


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