Friday, January 2, 2009

Just a couple of pics

Here is a super quick update -

John standing on full-height walls! We now have 3 full-height walls, a footer for the stairs and tomorrow (hopefully), we will prep for the 4th full-height wall. It's getting exciting!

Our dogs all enjoyed a siesta on their new "blankies" today while it was rainy and cold outside. I found some fun fleece fabric and padding and put them together for their Christmas presents.


  1. Cool pictures - but tell him to be careful!!!!

    I like that your pooches are Penn State fans! Heeeeeee! ;-D

  2. Pleeeease don't loose your balance John. You do amaze me Shirl -- you're so domesicated -- sewing and all.... :) Jodi

  3. That's so exciting to see the progress....yes, John, you better be careful. Good job on the fleece blankies....

    Hey, is that our mutual friend Jodi, (Maui Jodi?) Hi, if it is!!!


  4. It is hard to believe that you guys can squeeze these guys in with you along with your family! Their beds are cute!
    Your house is coming along and taking shape! I can hardly believe your hubby has short sleeves on and it is January. I can't imagine being some where where it is warm enough to do that this time of year!


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