Sunday, September 28, 2008

Wacky weekend!

This post will probably be as wacky as the weekend ... just to warn ya.

Friday morning was a work morning - prep work for the next pour. Wife had brilliant idea of putting windows in for the next pour. Husband agreed, although it means a lot of extra work blocking out spaces for the windows. :)

However, this is how we started our day ...

Since Thursday night was the season premiere of Survivor (in HD), and we were unable to pick up any of the major networks with our camper antenna, we got a new antenna and John started to set it up while the kids and I were at Hadden's soccer practice. (We had set the poles earlier in the week.) He decided it is a 2-person job, but he got it up well enough to watch Survivor in standard mode.

Sorry ... back to the regularly scheduled program ... Friday morning, the dogs were outside and barking at something, but we weren't sure what. Later, as I went out to help John work on the house, I saw this ... and yelled at John. It was the funniest thing - this poor little red squirrel was nearly petrified to the tree, not even twitching the slightest muscle. There was a slight breeze flapping his tail, but that was it. I mean petrified!

Can you imagine his surprise? Running up the nearest tree to safety, away from the dogs ... to find that the tree had some serious problems! I'm sorry, but I couldn't help but laugh.

We put the dogs inside, hoping he would decide to come down on his own, but he wouldn't. The next idea was to throw small rocks at him to encourage him to come down, but I couldn't hit him with the rock (John said I throw like a girl!). Finally, resorted to shaking him out of the "tree". I shook one, so he jumped to the other. I shook that one and after a few seconds, he just completely bailed off, landed with all four feet running and off into the woods he went. Y'all - he was not a flying squirrel ... until that moment ... and I am betting never again.

We nicknamed him "Freeze"! Incidentally, besides snakes, he is the only "wildlife" that we have seen on our property, with the exception of birds. So, we are thrilled that he made our first encounter with a "non-snake" critter very exciting.

Saturday morning started out with more soccer and then a trip to Lowe's for more supplies. Soccer was fun. Hadden's game was a blowout - good for his team, not so good for the other team. Savannah's game was very closely matched. We were missing a player and it got hot out, but our team managed to keep right with them. The final score (although, we don't keep score), was 2-1 them. We are looking forward to playing them again, though, as it was a fun game.

In a historic moment, OSU Beavers beat the USC Trojans to knock the Trojans out of 1st place! Why is this important? Well, it's really not, except I went to OSU and it is great to be able to have some bragging rights in a state where football is incredibly important :)

To top off our weekend, poor Hadden got sick. We were at our home group gathering after church and he wasn't feeling well, so we came home early. Poor little guy must have caught a stomach virus somewhere. I am really hoping not to catch this one!

We are busy preparing for the next pour, but my Mom reminded me that I had not given an update of how the last one turned out! Oops!

After the forms have been removed. The concrete wasn't as smooth as we would have hoped, but we are planning on trying to patch the rougher places and just enjoy them as "character" spots :)

Oh, incidentally, don't you just love the landscaping? We have been battling the weeds since we have moved here, but they seem to be winning right now.

We are excited to have some visitors come next week. Some dear friends from PA are coming down for a visit and we are so looking forward to it! Savannah and Hadden are on the countdown, too.

Heard that the new movie "Fireproof" is very good. Our church has been showing the trailers during church and it looks really good. I am hoping that we may have a chance to go and see it.

Have a great week!
Psalm 18:19
He brought me out into a spacious place; he rescued me because he delighted in me.


  1. Poor little squirrel! I am glad you got to see something besides a snake! You guys are coming along! Good Job!
    I am wishing Hadden a quick time of being sick!
    Enjoy your visit with your friends! It is special that they can come and see you guys!
    Blessings to you all this week

  2. Hi Shirl,

    Boy, you had an eventful weekend. That is really funny about the squirrel. Rob calls them rats with a furry tail....I don't like to think of them as rats though becasue I am petrified of them and would probably be climbing that tree as well. You could call me "Freeze II."

    I hope Hadden is feeeling better and that nobody else gets sick. Have a blessed day!

  3. I love that verse. Too funny about the squirrel!

    Yes, I'm about the same as you in that I go into lowes or home depot and call every few minutes. Thankfully I go to our local small town lumber place often and the guys there are extremely helpful and know what theyre talking about. Nothing like going to Home Depot and you can't find anyone who has any idea about the kind of nails you are looking for...sheesh!
    Your project is looking great!


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