Monday, September 8, 2008

Saturday soccer

Saturday morning was our second soccer game - still lovin' my kids. Here we are warming up before the game. I have 3 boys and 3 girls on my team. The other team had 6 boys, so I was a little nervous going into it. We did fine against them - if I have to admit it, I think they probably scored a few more times than we did, but we still had fun ... and we scored quite our fair share of goals, too.

Don't I look like I know what I'm talking about? :)

Savannah going up against a teammate during warm-ups.

Shavannen :) This is a good friend of Savannah's whose name is Shannen and when I'm calling them, I have a hard time getting the right name out, so I just decided to call them Shavannen :) She's my "take-it-to-the-goal" girl and does a great job.

Next, we headed down to Hadden's game. Same general area, but a different field. This is Hadden's first year playing and he is at the U6 level - just too stinking cute for words! They play 3 on 3. Hadden is starting to get a little more confidence playing and is having more fun. He and Savannah have been playing in our "dirt" out front.

Hadden kicking a goal-kick.

Is this not a priceless picture or what? Remember, they only have 3 on the field at a time. It's hard to imagine what Hadden might be thinking here! The little one who is more blond is a little firecracker, scoring machine! She knows what to do with a soccer ball. The other one is definitely in the "too-cute-for-words" category - just adorable.

John and Savannah cheering Hadden on.

A really cute tradition they have here - the parents line up after the game and make a tunnel for the kids to run under. The kids LOVE it - in fact, they ran through it twice.

After the game - still wearing the gear - smiling from ear to ear...

Completely unrelated, but Hadden found this cool stick bug on our property. It was the coolest little thing - anyone remember the stick bug in "Bug's Life"? I had never seen one before.

Two posts in one day is a record for me, I think. Hope y'all don't mind :)


  1. Hi Shirley! Thanks for the comment and scripture you left on my post. Thanks also for the book recommendation. I love reading, although it is hard to get English books over here!

    You've got some great photos here! It looks like everyone had a blast! I really like your header and the scripture- that is great!

  2. Hi Shirley,
    Well you can't tell by the pictures that you don't know anything much about soccer! You look the part! I like the parent tunnel for the kids. I am glad to see you guys are keeping a balance of outside sports and hobbies. house building can be so involved!

    We have stick bugs as pets here in the ross household! One of my 4 girls is an animal lover, she has stick bugs, a dog, a fish and a bird. She wanted a snake but I just can't do that one yet!

    I found out that our local Lowes hardware store has some kind of wood building project for kids 2 times a month. I know you took your kids to one that I think was as home depot a few months ago and they enjoyed it. I looked into it this week when I stopped by the hardware store on an errand. We are going to give it a try this Saturday. The girls will be making pirate ships. They are excited to go!
    Blessings to you....Kim

  3. Hi there Shirley,
    I can not find the blog address for looking at your hubby's (and yours)house progress...can you tell me what it is? thanks...Kim

  4. oh my goodness your a soccer mom :o)

    I always thought I would be one too...but my kiddo's turned out to be the artsy fartsy type...(lol)

    It looks like so much fun for all :o)


  5. Shirley, Please drop by my blog first chance you have. I've passed an award on to you.


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