Sunday, September 7, 2008

Oh, yes, I did!

On Friday, we had a staff day in Montgomery and the dress code for the day was "CLASH"! It was fun to see the extreme creativity that people came up with.

Our fearless leader and his family. (Would you trust them? :)

I was threatened by a certain individual that I should not post this on my blog ... and ... sorry, but oh yes, I did! :)

Here were all of the winners - hats off to each of them for their creativity (and guts!) to wear such perfect outfits!

After the meeting (and changing clothes), we went to downtown Montgomery and enjoyed some play time - this pic's for you hi-d! My best girlfriend and I always take pictures of police vehicles wherever we go. It started when we took a trip to CA and were in search of CHiPs :)

The fam in front of a cool tile mural - in order to get the colors just right, the artist had etched another picture of a building into the tile. Duh - I should have taken a close-up!

Our friends knew of this park by the waterfront that has fountains, so the kids enjoyed cooling off in the fountains.

Savannah finally got brave enough to go in the middle of the jets.

Hadden's turn to go in a circle.

I love this one - I snapped it just as the fountain circle shut off.

John took a turn, too. In fact, he was the first to jump in!

It was a great way to cap off the warm day. Both kids crashed in the car on the way home - fairly unusual for Hadden to give up in the car, but they were both tuckered out.

House progress:
Since you asked :) ...
We have 2 walls formed, with end caps on. We now have to cut and tie the rebar and frame for the doors and then we can POUR!!! Yippee! It's getting close now. Please pray that all will go well - we really want the concrete to go nicely into the forms and to stay in the forms!


  1. Love the pictures and all of the updates! I got a kick out of the police picture - that made my day. Oh, what fun adventures we've had.

  2. You guys always have such a great time.

  3. Love the pics and that looks like a fun day. Our downtown Portland, Or has a fountain like that, but sad to admit I've never been to it.

    The soccer games looked fun and the important thing is to "look" like you know what you're doing!! LOL


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