Thursday, September 4, 2008

The secret is out ...

I have suspected it before, even wondered if it could be possible and yesterday ... it was revealed. In the evening, Savannah asked me if I had anything to do. Hmmm - why is she asking me that? I asked her why and she said that she and Hadden were going outside to play bubbles. She wanted to make sure that I had something to do ... "so that you won't be lonely while we go play".

So, all of those times where I just needed a few mommy-by-myself moments and couldn't find them anywhere. All of those times that I shook my head in wonder at watching them go and play together so nicely when John was home (does he have some secret that I don't know about?). It all makes sense now.

They just didn't want me to be lonely and have nothing to do! Now, what am I going to do with the guilt of needing a mommy-by-myself moment? :)


  1. Awww, cute!

    Quintin told me he thought we needed another baby so I wouldn't be sad. Apparently, he remembers how emotional I get on their birthdays, LOL!!!

  2. That is too funny!!

    Mommytime is so important and hard to find. I guess I am trying the baby idea that Quintin had. I'll let you know how it works momma roar. I am kinda thinking my mommytime is over for a while. Lord give me the strength to be nice without it. Andrea

  3. This is sweet and loving!
    I think it is best to be a simple honest when explaining a need for a mommy moment...something like,"You know when you go and play with your Barbies(or what ever it is) by yourself for awhile, so you can be creative or think about them all on your own..well sometimes mommy's need some "by myself" time so we can think on our own and be creative."

  4. That is precious! I just ran across your blog and I too live in Northern Alabama. Your family is precious. Best of luck with building the house and I look forwarding to reading more of your blog!

    ~Paige at New Mercies

  5. Hi Shirley,
    It is Sunday night and I am wondering how your progress on the foundation went for this pressure though!
    Blessings ....Kim

  6. That is too sweet!Our kids are very in tune to what their mama's need aren't they!

  7. That is sooo sweet!


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