Thursday, September 18, 2008


Blogger is NOT cooperating today, but I wanted to wish my best girlfriend, Heidi, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! This is a picture of us from last summer when John, the kids and I went to visit my family. These flowers are absolutely gorgeous and are at an outlet mall!

Heidi is a blast to be around - we met in college at Oregon State and have been friends since the first laugh together ... and there have been a LOT of laughs!!! Hope you have a wonderful day, today, girlfriend!

Another reason to celebrate:
Today is especially special also because this is the day that John, my best guy, proposed to me at the top of the Empire State Building in NYC 9 years ago! I would say YES all over again, honey! You da best, Pooh! I love you.


  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes. That was very sweet of you....Yes, we have had lots of laughs! I enjoyed talking to you the other day. Thanks...I miss you! :)

  2. Darling picture!! On top of the Empire State Building. How romantic!!!

  3. Happy Birthday to Heidi! A good friend is worth more then any brick of gold! You are both so fortunate to live in this computer/phone age where you can miss a good friend but still are able to contact them and say hi in a much easier way then in the past!


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