Saturday, September 20, 2008

As promised ... pictures from our pour

We started off the day taking down tree. We wanted to make it easier for the concrete truck to get where he needed.

Then, we prepped the inside of the forms by brushing on oil so that the finished concrete would not stick to the forms. We used plain old vegetable oil and a paint tray and roller. At one point, we looked over and caught Lilly drinking the vegetable oil straight from the tray! I guess it tasted good to her.

Next, we drizzled a bonding solution in the middle of the footer to help the bond between the old and new concrete.

Finally, we were ready to pour.


John working the trough and hopper.

We started out filling the forms to about halfway full so that the weight of the concrete would not push out the bottom of the form. We then moved to the other wall and did the same thing, allowing the first wall to set up some. At the very end, we ended up with the concrete a little higher and the bottom started to show signs of stress so John put additional bracing on.

After!!! Two tired but thankful people :) Yes - I am wearing the same outfit as the last pour - it has become my "official" concreting outfit.


Look closely - John's hands are orange! He used some leather gloves to wash the excess off of the outside of the forms and the gloves turned his hands orange. Here, 2 days later, they are still orange :)

Well - now we are going to head out and start taking the forms off. Now, that is what I call exciting!

Soccer was very fun again today. Hadden scored 2 goals and Savannah scored 1. John went for a long bike ride with some of the staff at the prison and then met us at the field. All before 10 am :)


  1. You guys are's so cool to see the progress. I love pictures! Shirley, you are so blonde. Are you using the same hair color or have you just been in the sun a lot? I like the color....

  2. You guys are such an awesome team. There aren't many couples who could make it work to start building from scratch!! :D

    Oh, and that was a green mixer, riiiight? ;-)

  3. WOW!!! You guys are amazing. I had to call Mickey to the computer to see this one.

  4. Looks great! I have official "painting", "caulking" clothes! They are a mess.

  5. It's taking shape! Looks like a lot of fun, actually!

  6. Good job! Your doing it! This has been the most unique way of doing a foundation. I have never seen it before and enjoy learning about it. You have worked hard but I have to say you and your husband seem like you have a great repore of working together while doing this project. You know I have had the same paint shirt for years. It has quite a history to it with many many paint colors, sealers, caulking and stains on it!
    Blessings to you all!
    This Saturday we build a firetruck at Lowes. The girls are looking forward to it!


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