Monday, April 14, 2008

Land tour - part 4 - rocks, trees, etc.

Welcome to the "tour" - this is the last of a series of 4 posts with pictures of our land. Hope you enjoy!

This tree is not on our property, but we can enjoy it from the trail.

We bought our land from a timber company, so our property is mostly replanted pine trees. We estimate that the trees are about 8 years old. We do have a section of hardwood trees on the other side of a rock bluff, but it is difficult to get to. If you look extremely carefully, the shed is almost distinguishable at the top of the far ridge. There is a section where the trees are lower just at the ridge - that is where we have cleared.

Before buying the property, my Dad advised us to dig a hole and see how much rock was there. I told him that there was no need to dig! This is an exceptionally rocky area, but we do have a lot of rock.

These rocks are just on the border of our property - they add beauty and character to all of the pine trees.

That's all for now. Hope you have enjoyed seeing more pictures.


  1. oh thank you for giving us the tour...I'm sure some will be giving us a tour of your beautiful new house...

    your land is so beautiful...And the trees will get bigger? too cool. I'm gonna show my husband. I didn't know you could buy prevously forrested land...thank you so much for the tour.

    ~simply stork~

  2. So great! It is amazing how much rock and clay there is in the land! Our flower beds are nearly impossible to plant without heavy duty tools. I've always had flower beds that we've worked in but the clay is a nightmare to plant in! :)


  3. I certainly did enjoy seeing more pictures!!! And, I so enjoyed seeing you Sunday morning!!!

    We have to make sure we have our cameras the next time you come up!! :)

  4. I tagged you for a fun little quiz!



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