Sunday, April 20, 2008

5 things...

Thanks to my new blog friend, Morning Song, I have been tagged! I just read her blog and her family has been sick, so I hope they are all feeling better by now.

OK - here goes.
What was I doing 10 years ago......
It really seems like a lifetime ago for me - I was single and living in Portland, OR. I was a volleyball fanatic and a gym rat. I spent most of my free time doing one of these activities. I was working for a company who manufactures pacemakers and defibrillators. I was in my routine - stop for my Coffee People Mocha and scone in the morning, go to work, go to the gym (or volleyball), sleep, shower, repeat :) I had started to feel a little like a move might be in the picture for me. Amazing how God works, as that fall I met my hubby, moved to PA the next year, got married and had kiddos...

5 Things on my to-do list today...
1. Pray without ceasing - as we were saying our bedtime prayers, Savannah said "wow, Mom, there are a lot of people with needs, aren't there?" Yes, dear, there are.
2. Paint the shed.
3. Fax information for septic and electric to appropriate people.
4. Create spreadsheet of our building expenses so far.
5. Go grocery shopping and do laundry :(

5 Snacks I enjoy...
1. Milky Way candy bars (or anything chocolate!)
2. Apples (really, I do!)
3. Chicken in the biskit
4. Chips and salsa
5. Wheat thins

5 Things I would do if I were a billionaire...
1. I would seek the Lord to see how He would want me to use the money.
2. As I was starting to write some of the options down, it occurred to me that whether we are billionaires or paupers, the answer should really be the same. What does the Lord want us to do with our riches and blessings?
3. We are so unbelievably blessed in this country and don't even realize it. Something I heard from a Beth Moore Bible study is that if we can read and can afford to buy a book, we are better off than a lot of the world!
4. I would try to remember these and not just squander money away on my selfish wishes...
5. I do like to travel :)

5 Bad habits...
I asked my hubby what my bad habits are and he said "none. There is no need to glorify your bad habits..." :) Do you see why I love him? I do have bad habits, but I am asking the Lord to change me and make me more like Him.

5 Places I've lived...
1. Alabama
2. Pennsylvania
3. Oregon
4. Connecticut
5. Idaho

5 Jobs I've had...
1. Mom :)
2. Software Engineer
3. Waitress
4. Airplane refueler - thanks to my super brother-in-law (Hi Carl!)
5. Salmon fish brander (don't ask :)

Since I am new to blogging, I am going to officially tag anyone who reads this - let me know when you have finished the little review, so I can read yours!


  1. Appropriate answer for the riches and the bad habits! I agree! They are a work in progress - so why glorify them. :) I took that Beth Moore study too! She really does put things in perspective doesn't she?

    Blessings and thanks for playing along! We are recovering! I am TONS better today THANK GOD!

  2. Fun to read - I love wheat thins too!!

    Your hubby is a great guy - if I would have asked T, he might have been too eager to help me list all mine - HAHAHA :-D


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