Sunday, April 6, 2008

Bugs and stuff

I am not sure I will ever get used to the size of the bugs here in AL ... some are nice to have big - butterflies, dragonflies, for example, I will enjoy. Most are not good to have big - mosquitoes, bees, gnats, ants and this centipede like creature. Hadden discovered it and asked if it was a snake!

OK - so naturally my next thought is ... if the insects are this big ... how big are the other critters like snakes?? We had the privilege of meeting some more neighbors who assured us that they had only seen one really BIG snake in the time that they have lived here. If I would have had the nerve to ask, I would have wanted to know exactly how BIG is BIG (given the above reference regarding bugs)? AND ... exactly how many non-BIG snakes they have seen? :)

On another note...
Saturday morning, John had to be at work, so the kids and I took advantage of the kids class at Home Depot - what great fun they had! Savannah chose to make a flower basket and Hadden chose a sail boat. They have little kits that just need assembled. We are hoping to have a chance to paint them this evening after we go for a hike to enjoy our beautiful weather. If your local Home Depot offers a kids class, I highly recommend it!

The shed roof survived the storm, and we were able to get the roof ends in yesterday. Today and tomorrow are supposed to be beautiful so I am planning to put some weatherproofing on the sides tomorrow (after it dries out some). Then, after work, we are hoping to get a couple of trim pieces put on and the felt on the roof ... maybe even the door finished.

Signing off to go for a hike!


  1. Oh don't care for a 4" bug!!!! The kids look so proud and adorable in their orange Home Depot aprons.

  2. Wow! No bugs up North?!! I want to move up North! :)

    LOVE the Home Depot projects! I think my kids are still too young for the classes but I forgot they do that!! Thanks for the reminder!

    By the way, I do know of Aldi - there is not one near me though. A friend often brings us their ad so we usually ad match their prices at Wal-Mart. (but I hear there are often deals in the store too!)

    Happy discovering!! Hopefully no BIG or little snakes! I've heard stories of snakes in my world too - I can't imagine it! Never seen one THANK GOD!


  3. I've never seen a bug that huge - needed to scroll past very QUICKLY!!

    They do look so adorable in those aprons! I hope you'll show the projects after you paint them!!

    Aldi - there's a store name I haven't heard for a while - my sister worked there after college. I haven't been to the one up near Sam's in quite some time.

  4. our home depot used to do this...they don't anymore :o(

    that is quite some bug you found there....(eewww...I'm a bit squirmish I'm afraid...)


  5. Holy Cow! That sucker is huge! uuuugggghhhh....

    Cute home depot picture!! Lowe's also does great worhsops, once or twice a month. You should check it out if you have one nearby. They are called Build and Grow clinics, I think.

    (jumped from Simply's)

  6. worhsops= workshops. Sorry, tired hands.


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