Sunday, January 1, 2012

Road trip 2011 – part 7

Whew – I did warn you that we took a LOT of pictures!
Day 22 (11/28) – Drove to Provo, UT and stayed the night. Continued on to Bryce Canyon in UT. Pictures don’t do it justice as to how beautiful it really is.
A smaller formation on the drive in. That is a person a little left of center in the picture. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the beautiful colors in the rocks.
It had recently snowed, so there was lingering patches here and there. Just enough to make it extra beautiful.
Hoodoos – beautiful colors!
The ravens were very cute. Here is one on the sign at the highest elevation point.
To kind of grasp the scale … those are pine trees at the top of the picture.
Natural bridge.
This was my favorite spot – I think they called it the amphitheater. Breathtaking views looking down into a huge bowl area. We didn’t do a lot of hiking here because it was cold, later in the day, and there were some icy spots on the trails. We mostly enjoyed this canyon from the rim.
At the end of the day, we were at a lookout point where a nice trail went down a little distance. Hadden and I decided to hike down for a bit. That’s us in the picture above.
Aren’t we little? :)
Next up: Zion National Park


  1. I have always wanted to go to
    Bryce and Zion Parks. Now I know I simply *must* take my family there sometime soon. Thank you for the pictures. So, so pretty.

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  3. I deleted the previous comment to protect the author from spammers :)

  4. Amazing photos!!! That last photo is so cool!


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