Saturday, December 31, 2011

Road trip 2011 – part 6

Day 18-21 (11/24-11/27) We headed to Idaho for some extended rest with my sister, Teresa, and her family in their new home. After travelling so many miles each day, it was nice to rest for a few days and relax.
Thanksgiving meal with Rob, Teresa, Joshua, John, Luke, and Ethan – fun times!
Saturday, most of us went to Boise, ID to visit the state capital and the zoo. We also found an Idaho Black History Museum that we enjoyed spending some time at.
Bald eagle and zebra at the zoo.
Beautiful tiger and the 4 kiddos in a nest. They are all fairly close in age, so that have hours of fun together!
Inside the capital building looking down – there was a beautiful tree made out of potted poinsettias on the bottom floor. We discovered that the ceiling in the elevator was a mirror, so we took a quirky shot of us all looking up. Ha – sorry, Rob, you are hidden by a light – must mean that you are the brightest of us all :)
We took a timed photo of all of us together. Also, one of just the cousins.
This was our last group of family or friends to visit on this trip. We were SO thrilled to spend time with each of you, but there is never enough time. Thank you ALL for your hospitality! It’s so nice that my family are also my friends – it’s a blessing to be with each one.
So, I guess it would now be each of your turns to visit us!!! Tag – you’re it!

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  1. So happy again that we got to see you and that you got to see your family. I am finally catching up on my reading. :)


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