Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Road trip 2011 – part 3

Having fun yet? We sure were! Day 6-8 (11/12-11/14) Yuma, AZ with my parents. My parents actually live in OR, but they travel to Yuma for the winters where it’s warm and sunny most of the time! They both are very active and enjoy golfing several times per week.
They took us to a couple of flea markets where we enjoyed looking at all of the items for sale. I thought the signs for the oranges were so cute! The sample orange that he gave us was pretty good, but I must not have picked the right ones, because the ones that I bought weren’t all that great.
They spoiled us immensely with fabulous steak and crab that they had caught themselves on the OR coast. YUM!!! Savannah and Hadden had never tried crab and both loved it.
On our last day visiting, they took us to Al Godones, Mexico. Boy, was that a cultural experience! Immediately after crossing the border, visitors are bombarded with people trying to tempt them into their store or to buy their items.
My Dad walking through the shops. Savannah found another horse.

The vendors are very aggressive at trying to sell items and one of their tricks is to hand you the merchandise to keep you from walking away. I had several "pure silver" bracelets in my hand at one point when one caught my eye. I really didn't need a bracelet and he wanted $30 for it. HA! I offered him $5 and we bartered back and forth, him saying a value less each time and me saying $5. I ended up buying it for $5 :)

Savannah thought she might like to try bartering, too, and she was looking for a horse pendant for a necklace. After searching for a while, she finally found a little burro that was very cute. He also wanted $30 and she offered $5. Again, the bartering started. She kept saying $5 until he agreed. She might be pretty good at this bartering stuff!

Slug-bug is a favorite game of ours. This one was exceptionally cute. With my parents in Al Godones, MX.
Street vendors – one drew us in with his spray painting art. Before long, we had bought 2 paintings as a souvenir.
Big red truck at the border. Street vendor getting prepared for the day.
Back to Yuma for some lunch at Lutes Casino. Do you recognize this Yuma criminal?
The sign in the background says “Dick and Jane’s Lunchbox” – my parents go by Dick and Jane :)
Finally, we had to say our good-byes and head to Los Angeles, CA.
A million thanks to my parents for a wonderful time!

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  1. Fun pictures. Also, your parents look GREAT!

    Love the fact that you're teaching Savannah how to barter. :)


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