Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Road trip 2011 – part 2

Day 3 (11/9) – Driving through West Texas to Las Cruces, NM. Another very long drive with flat landscape and an occasional oil pump. Very glad to see 80 mph sign! Stayed in Las Cruces, NM at Holiday Inn Express (using points).
Day 4 (11/10) –  Toured Old Town Mesilla and then stayed in Green Valley at Holiday Inn Express.
Old Town Mesilla is CUTE, CUTE, CUTE!!! I really love southwestern architecture, so we enjoyed wandering around the square. This is also where Billy the Kid was tried and hung.
Beautiful adobe structures with adorable red pepper garland. An old truck for sale.
Oldest brick building in New Mexico.
Savannah in front of one of the quirky, cultural, artsy shops. New Mexico seems abundant in artists. Quaint shops on every corner – just cute!
This was a pottery shop that John came across – the shop owner was very sweet and taught the kids a little about pottery making. We bought a bowl with red peppers in it as a keepsake.
Some exposed adobe brick.
Church in Mesilla. Had this headstone as a dedication to the unborn that are silenced.
Mountains and rock formations along the road.
Saguaro cactus were plentiful and HUGE!! Ha – we took the “scenic” drive through part of AZ. We got a good chuckle at the amount of scenic cactus that we got to see. The cactus block the view of the backdrop of mountains.
We stayed in room 111 and woke up there on 11/11/11 :) The picture on the right was taken very near 11:11 on 11/11/11
Day 5 (11/11) – Driving through Tucson, AZ over to Yuma, AZ to visit my parents. We stopped for a break and stretch and enjoyed some of the cactus skeletons.
In 2000, John made a trip out to Phoenix and Tucson to check out some rammed earth construction. Here is a before (2000), and after (2011). He looks even better now :)
These rammed earth pieces are in Tucson, AZ.
A couple of other additions, as well! Here are the kiddos with Daddy! Outside a rammed earth architect’s home.
Loved this exposed adobe brick structure.
Quaint little street with all kinds of beautiful adobe/stucco homes. Cute little old car makes it feel like time is standing still.
Next up: Yuma, AZ and Mexico with my parents

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  1. I love how you documented everything. You must have kept a journal on your trip?? Good for you!

    That last photo with the car is so cool! It does look like something from the past.

    Have a fun day!

    p.s. we will have to skype again soon. :)


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