Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Road trip 2011 – part 9

Are you sick of me yet? HA!
Day 24-25 (11/30-12/1) – Las Vegas, NV. Not my favorite place, but I did enjoy some aspects of it.
I pretended these were 3 crosses :) The water show at the Bellagio is spectacular – we cheered after they played the Hallelujah Chorus!! :)
During the day, we drove out to Hoover Dam and Lake Meade. We walked on the walkway on the new bridge and then we also walked on the dam. It’s massive, too! Amazing to imagine all of the work and engineering that goes into something like this.
Somewhere on the trip, Hadden started wanting to take pictures, so some shots are his handiwork.
More colors – even a purplish one! Amazing number of different colors in this one area on the drive by Lake Meade.
We came across Red Rock State Park – WHAT FUN!!! It’s like a bunch of big boulders that we could climb on.
Next up: Grand Canyon!!!

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  1. Those do look like crosses!

    Whoohoo, Hadden. Way to go buddy. :)


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