Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Trip north – part 2

After spending a few days with family and friends in PA, we decided to visit NYC. We both LOVE NYC and have missed our annual visits in to the city. This time was an exception, however. We both were feeling a little like we were coming down with something and our normal “tricks” of parking in the city weren’t working. We drove around for 2 hours without finding a parking spot. We decided to backtrack to our hotel and take the bus in instead. That worked very well, but the weather was kind of drizzly, damp and cold, so it was less than ideal. Also – there were SO many people everywhere – it was crazy! I guess everyone wanted to go to NYC over Christmas. Seriously, busy. Around Times Square, the police blocked off some of the vehicle lanes in order to accommodate the people traffic! We had the kids with us, so we were very conscious of keeping track of them, too.
Why would I put a blurry picture in of the Brooklyn Bridge? Because it sums up our morning in NYC! The Freedom Tower is progressing.
John and the kids in Times Square. Kids in the M&M store :)
Pretty Christmas tree in the lobby of an office building. Tree at Rockefeller Plaza.IMAG0561IMAG0567
Loads of people – the police were directing people traffic. Countdown projected on the side of a building – it didn’t really seem to do anything, so we weren’t sure what it was for.
These lights were beautiful!! The kids and me in front of the huge ornaments. I saw them on tv a couple of days later :)
We still love NYC, but this was not our favorite trip in.


  1. what fun!!!! I actually love the blurry picture

  2. I noticed the blurry photo from the get go and liked it too!

    Did you guys go to Roxy's?


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