Thursday, October 14, 2010


We had a wonderful visit from John’s Dad and wife, Beulah. The weather was a little hot at times, but overall beautiful.


We ran them ragged with soccer and baseball, but they didn’t complain. Savannah had a soccer tournament over the weekend, so we had 2 extra games in addition to her regular season game. Savannah played very well her last game, even though they lost. Hadden had 2 practices and a game while they were here. He played a very good game and even got a home run and received a game ball.

During the week, we drove up toLake Guntersville to see replicas of the Nina and the Piñta that are here for a short stop. The kids even got to meet Columbus while we toured the ships. Let me just say that the ships are amazingly small and I would not have wanted to be out on the open ocean in one!


In front of the Nina; all of us at Lake Guntersville (not such of a great shot); emu at the water treatment plant.


For Luke – here is a plate from Alaska :) We saw it at Lake Guntersville while viewing the ships. :)


A friend recommended a book for art – and I absolutely love it so far! The book introduces an artist, tells a little bit about them, and then the kids get to try doing a similar type of art. And it was fun!


Today our artist was Vincent van Gogh, and here they are hard at work.


Voila! Finished products. This is a really big step for Hadden, as he does not like to do art – at all. He even admitted that this was “kind of fun”. Savannah on the other hand absolutely loves art. They like to be as opposite as possible, at all times possible :)


  1. Looks like you had a blast! I'm impressed by S & H's artwork. Wow...very nice. What is the name of that book you're talking about. Sounds cool...

  2. have the link posted. :)

  3. They did a great job! I did things like that with my kids when I was homeschooling them. I remember two artists particularly that my kids LOVED learning about: Mondrian, and Georgia O'Keefe. I'll try and post their renditions of these artists works.

  4. Did you see the link I put on my FB page? It was a neat art lesson.

    The girls thought it was a lot of fun.

    I love all your pictures, sounds like you had a great visit!!


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