Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Trips – field, day, friends …

We have been doing a LOT of running around this fall – mostly for soccer and baseball. We have also been doing field trips, day trips, trips from friends, etc. Great fun!


Lake Martin – we recently had a We Care staff day there and it was a beautiful setting.


At the lake, there was a lookout (they called it a silo) with a spiral staircase leading up to it. Very beautiful view from the top.


Speaking of spirals – check out this awesome play structure at a local park! When our friends were visiting, the kids and I spent some time here while our friends were at a museum. I think it was a win-win all the way around.


Our friends spent about 2500 miles on this bike, covering 8 states (I think), 2 motorcycle rallies and visiting with friends along the way. We had a fun time catching up with them and are thankful they made it home safely :)

The kids and I have attended several field trips for school, as well. We went to the Greek festival, to a Botanical gardens and learned about George Washington Carver and to a local printing press. The weather has been beautiful, so it is nice to be able to do some things outside.


This struck me funny – a mobile ATM! I hadn’t seen one before, have you?


And lastly, we spent a couple of hours last Saturday at Trade Day! We have been hearing about the need to experience Trade Day almost since we have moved here, so we finally made it there. Last Saturday was our 3rd anniversary of arriving in Alabama, so what better way to celebrate? It is a cultural experience all its own :)


  1. So, how did you like Trade Day? I've never been to anything like that. (It looks hot and dusty!)

    I never saw an ATM Mobile, either. People are getting hard up to get their money, aren't they?

    Some day I'm going to take a road trip. There is someone in Burlington I want to meet in person, then you, then someone in Kansas and someone in MI! I'll have to fill in someone else on the way to the northern places, but you two are definitely ones I've always wanted to meet. Maybe my son could come along and we'll call it a field trip.

    Anyway, how did I get on to that subject?

  2. Hey...were you able to see those gardens at Lake Martin? Remember that blog link I sent to you a while back?

    Did you get anything at the trade day event? Looks like fun!


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